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health care for those who contribute to Greek social security, plus their families and retirees (including those from other EU countries). With I.K.A.  you pay a small percentage towards the cost of prescriptions, although there are higher charges for non-essential medicines plus substantial contributions for many services, including spectacles, dentures and other treatment. Essential dental treatment is largely free.

If you don’t qualify for health care under the public health system, it’s essential to have private health insurance (and mandatory for non EU residents). This is recommended in any case (if you can afford it) owing to the inadequacy in some areas of the public health services, long waiting lists for specialist appointments and non-urgent operations.

RE/MAX Professionals can advise and help find you the most suitable private medical insurance and any other insurances necessary (i.e. car, house etc) with our affiliates in this particular field.



If you are thinking of starting your new life as a family there are some very important considerations to take into account, one of the main ones being schooling.  There is an international school in Heraklion but if your children are going into the local  Greek schooling system the younger they are the much easier it will be for them to adapt and learn the language.  There are state run pre schools “Nepio” for the ages of between 4-6 and school age begins at 6.  It would be optimal if children relocating were of these ages, if not younger.  Obviously, much older children would find it very difficult to integrate immediately and follow the lessons without any prior knowledge of the language and could feel very isolated.  There are many testimonials about this topic and it is advisable to research further and bear in mind each child is different and copes accordingly.  At the end of the day parents understand and know their child better than most and should know if it is the right thing to do.  It is a decision not to be taken lightly and with responsible evaluation make the conclusion that is right for you.  


Socialising in your new surroundings

Depending on your chosen location the social activities in Crete vary.  There are many things to think about when deciding which area is right for you.   Generally speaking, the pace of life is much slower and things happen at a more leisurely pace (positive reasons why many people choose to relocate).  If you are seeking total peace and quiet and want to appreciate the traditional values of life then maybe a typical mountain village would be the perfect choice.  However,

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