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Extensive debate ensued regarding the Port of Rotterdam approach and data the RGS study. The draft meeting minutes and work plan were developed and will be distributed prior to the next WG meeting which will be held 16th October 2007 in London.  

CTSCA Action Point # 3 – In conjunction with the drafting BMP Stage 2 report, request from RGS a copy of the Rotterdam study looking into the questions posed by the work group.  

CTSCA Action Point # 4 – Starting with the flow chart developed during the Best Practice working group meeting on 11 September, prepare a draft document to be distributed to the WG, CTSCA and CTC that will address the step by step process involved in tank cleaning and the updated TOR for the WG.

The group also agreed that the next logical step (Stage 3) will aim to be a bit more specific; possibly focusing on vapor balancing practices.  This may be discussed at the next BMP WG Meeting tentatively scheduled for 16 October 2007 in London.  

6.2 - Report from the INTERTANKO Tank Cleaning Terminology Work Group  

This issue was raised at the previous CTC meeting and carried forward to CTC #29/CTSCA #8, and focuses on the problems stemming from the many different cleaning standards within the industry today for different grades of products.  The concept of the proposal, however, is “not” to create standard cleaning techniques but rather a simplification of the standard they need to be cleaned to. The issue stems from the IIG work on concerns regarding over cleaning of cargo tanks and the associated pressure placed on ships' crews to utilize solvents for tank cleaning.  CDI has agreed to participate in this effort.  

6.3 - Report on the implications of the recent TCEQ activity

Over the last six months, INTERTANKO has forwarded a number of bulletins relative to TCEQ flyovers similar to this sent 27 July:

“TCEQ will be conducting overflights over pipelines, oil and gas production areas, and industrial areas along the Gulf Coast of Texas in the following counties: Orange, Jefferson, Chambers, Galveston, Harris, Brazoria, Calhoun, Victoria, San Patricio, and Nueces.”

The subcommittee is invited to discuss any implications of these surveys.


IMO Update

7.1 - MEPC 56 Report

The CTSCA Secretary reported on the 56th Session of the meeting of IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 56), which was held 9-13 July 2007, mentioning that the final official report was forwarded. As soon as it was released This report reflects much of what was reported in INTERTANKO Weekly NEWS Nos. 28 and 29 immediately after MEPC 56 concluded.   Issues of concern to the CTSCA include clarification on the application of regulation 4.1.3 of MARPOL Annex II (discussed on page 51 of the report) and the proposal submitted by INTERTANKO regarding high viscosity cargoes were both reported on by Howard Snaith who attended all of MEPC 56.

In conjunction with the INTERTANKO proposal, it was also proposed at MEPC 56 that a Circular be issued to ensure that manufacturers and shippers understand their obligations relative to regulations 16.2.6 and 16.2.9. MEPC 56 agreed and approved the development of a joint MSC/MEPC Circular.  MSC will be asked to endorse the Circular in October of 2007.  In the meantime, if guidance is needed prior to October, INTERTANKO will be making some minor amendments to its document submitted to MEPC and then recommending its members utilize this form “if” the information is not supplied via the official shipping

Agenda for the CTC #32Page 21 of 39

To be held in Panama City on the 09 April 2008 Issue No. 1

Our Ref.: AGO­­­­-22713­­/1000003Approved by: H.N. Snaith

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