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The predominant reason given by those who disagreed with the INTERTANKO proposal was that it was not felt such practice was widespread. As a consequence BLG 12 did not agree to issue a circular as we had proposed.

The committee is invited to discuss


Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards

The IMO Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards held during the Twelfth Session of the Bulk Liquids and Gases (BLG 12) in London from 4-8 February 2008.  

Areas discussed during ESPH included:


The Evaluation of New Products

Only two new products were reviewed.  One product, ethoxylated tallow amine (>95%), which was originally submitted by Singapore to ESPH 13, was resubmitted for inclusion in List 5 of the next MEPC.2 Circular: the product was approved.  

The other submission by the USA was withdrawn and will be resubmitted to ESPH 14. The recommended classifications and carriage requirements for ethoxylated tallow amine (>95%) are set out at Annex 1 of the ESPH Final Report (the final ESPH report will be included in the INTERTANKO Weekly News as soon as it is available).


Evaluation of Cleaning Additives

26 products were proposed for evaluation in accordance with MEPC.1/Circ 590 (the revised tank cleaning additives guidance note and reporting form). Out of the 26 proposed, 23 of the products met with the criteria outlined in the Circular (these will be listed in the final ESPH report).   


Review of the MEPC.2 Circular

Although it was customary for ESPH to consider products that have been subject to tripartite agreements and reported to the IMO for inclusion in the MEPC.2/Circ MEPC.2, because of its proximity to the 1 Jan 2007 Annex II implementation date, Circ 13 does not contain any tripartites due to expire this year.  The focus of this ESPH was on the scope of MEPC.2/Circular 14.  

With respect to List 1 (Pure or Technically Pure Products) it was agreed that the next circular should contain:

tripartites still showing an expiry date;

Entries having “all countries/no expiry date” but which were finalised after the                             adoption of the 2009 IBC Code Amendments;

Entries included in the 2009 IBC Code Amendments that have been changed and are reflected in their List 1 profiles.

This information, as well as any new entries, will form the basis of the draft of next MEPC.2/Circular (Circ.14)

Regarding List 2 Products (Pollutant Only Mixtures Containing at Least 99% by Weight of Components Already Assessed by IMO) there was discussion

Agenda for the CTC #32Page 3 of 39

To be held in Panama City on the 09 April 2008 Issue No. 1

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