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We also recommend reading a recent article from Michael Trucano at the World Bank http://blogs.worldbank.org/edutech/making-ict-and-education-policy

Notes about this list:

The list is indexed alphabetically by country name. It includes a link to the Ministry of Education (or equivalent government bodies) and to the educative portal.

Each country information is updated at least once every year.

The list includes the National ICT policy (when available) and describes the components that relate to education. Sometimes the policy for education is part of a national ICT strategy/policy. In cases where we have been able to identify specific Policies or Plans in education (ICT4E), we have done so.

Please note that some federal countries do not have a policy per se, but a “plan”- e.g. In the US, there is a national plan and each state then develops its own technology plan. Some other examples are Brazil, Australia, Spain, Germany and Canada.  In these countries, the states have their own ICT policies and plans, and the central government usually develops an over-arching/ national policy, guidelines, action plan or strategic plan.

Languages of the sites and documents are indicated where there is content other than in English available.

The year if creation of each document is also indicated where available.

This document is distributed in MS Word and PDF formats so that the hypertext links are available for quick access to the resources.

At the end of the document you can find a list interesting resources for ICTs in Education Policy development.

Summary of the collected information  

Total number of countries and territories listed: 193

Africa: 51

Asia: 49

America:  22 central, 3 north, 12 south

Europe: 43

Oceania: 13

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