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monitoring, an owner/operator may submit a proposal to eliminate parameters based on an analysis of those results.

(d)Assessment monitoring must continue until the Department concurs that successful corrective action, as defined in CMR 400, Section 1, has been demonstrated.

(e)As part of assessment monitoring, monitoring wells must be installed and sampled downgradient of (and in the same hydrogeologic unit as) the affected monitoring well(s) in sufficient numbers to identify the magnitude and extent of the plume. All additional wells installed under this section become part of the assessment monitoring network, but may not be required to be part of the detection monitoring network.

(4)Alternative Ground Water Monitoring Programs. After ground water quality is established at a solid waste facility, the Department will consider proposals for alternative forms of monitoring, such as leachate accounting or geophysical surveys, in lieu of or in conjunction with sampling and analysis of some of the wells required by this section. At a minimum, the applicant must submit the following documentation to justify a proposed alternative:

(a)A complete description of the proposed alternative ground water monitoring program, including a demonstration that the hydrogeological characteristics of the facility site have been considered during the development of the proposal.

(b)A discussion of the benefits of the proposed alternative ground water monitoring program.

(c)A discussion of the drawbacks and limitations of the proposed alternative ground water monitoring program.

(d)A comparison of this proposal and similar applications of alternative ground water monitoring programs.

(e)A demonstration that the proposed alternative ground water monitoring program will provide equal or superior protection of human health and the environment.

(f)A protocol for maintaining the viability of the ground water monitoring well network.

(g)A proposal for, at a minimum, annual sampling of all monitoring wells.

(h)A proposed trigger which would require the resumption of routine detection monitoring of all wells in the monitoring network.

D.Corrective Action Plans. Any solid waste facility that has implemented a corrective action plan previously approved by the Department must complete the actions specified in that plan. For all other solid waste facilities, within 90 days of the date that verification, through statistical analyses on the relevant historical database, including the two assessment monitoring events, that a statistically significant change has occurred indicating contamination of ground water or surface water, the owner/operator of the facility must complete and submit to the Department for review and approval a plan which includes evaluation of potential corrective actions and a proposal to initiate the chosen corrective action(s). The corrective actions must be designed to minimize the discharge of pollutants from the facility. An evaluation of the plan must be updated and resubmitted annually until successful corrective action has been demonstrated. The plan must include:

Chapter 405: Water Quality Monitoring, Leachate Monitoring, and Waste Characterization

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