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B.Statistical Analyses. Statistical analyses of data from each monitoring well must be performed annually and the results included in the facility’s annual report. Statistical tests may be used to compare upgradient water quality or identification of an intra-well trend. Statistical tests shall conform to July 1992 Addendum To Interim Final Guidance for Statistical Analysis of Ground Water Monitoring at RCRA Facilities (US EPA Office of Solid Waste Permits and State Programs Division) and meet the performance standards of 40 CFR 258.53 (h). The performance standards are provided as Appendix 405.C. At any time during operational or post-closure monitoring, the Department may require the owner/operator of a facility to perform statistical analyses.

Statistical analyses will be used to:

(1)Identify any statistically significant trends in parameter concentrations in ground water as a function of time.

(2)Identify any statistically significant differences in ground water quality between downgradient sample locations and corresponding upgradient or background sample locations.

C.Reporting Requirements. Reports on ground and surface water quality must be submitted within 30 days of the date the laboratory analyses are reported, and before the next sampling event occurs. Reports may be filed in either paper or electronic format. Unless reporting under (6), below, reporting requirements for paper submission of ground and surface water monitoring must include the information listed in (1) through (5). Unless reporting under (6), below, reporting requirements for electronic submission of ground and surface water monitoring must include the initial submittal of the historical information listed in (1) and (3); subsequent submissions must include the information listed in (3) and (4). If reports are submitted in electronic format, the data validation required in (2), below, is not required; however, paper copies of the information listed in (5) must be kept at the facility and be available to Department staff upon request.

(1)A map of the facility showing the licensed facility site and waste handling area boundaries, the current waste handling area boundary and the location of each monitoring point. Illegible plans will not be accepted.

(2)Results of the data validation.

(3)Tabulation of current and historical data, including field parameters and ground water elevation data.

(4)Identification of the elevation reference datum.

(5)Identification of all ground water analytical results exceeding MCLs and/or MEGs. Copies of the laboratory data sheets, chain of custody sheets and field data sheets must be available for staff inspection, if requested, for two years after a sampling event. Field data sheets must include:

(a)Date and time each sample was collected, and the sampler's signature;

(b)Temperature and weather conditions;

(c)Purge volumes, pumping rates and purge stabilization data for each monitoring well;

(d)Presence or absence of color, odor or surface sheen on water samples;

(e)Well depth measured during last annual inspection;

Chapter 405: Water Quality Monitoring, Leachate Monitoring, and Waste Characterization

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