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(f)As-built well depth;

(g)Results of the routine well inspection, maintenance and testing;

(h)Instrument calibration data;

(i)Static water level (pre-purge) and depth to water at the time of sampling;

(j)Identification of the reference point for depth measurements; and

(k)For surface water, an estimate of the rate of flow.

(6)Alternative Reporting Requirements. At a solid waste facility where ground water and/or surface water is being monitored through a detection monitoring program, the Department will consider a request to implement a self-certification program in place of the submission of all water quality monitoring reports except the annual report for the solid waste facility.

(a)To be eligible for this alternative, the following conditions must be met and maintained for each well proposed to be part of the program:

(i)sufficient data must be available for a statistical analysis to be performed if necessary;

(ii)there must have been no exceedences of MCLs or MEGs of any parameter within the last 3 years; and

(iii)there must have been no statistically significant change in any parameter which indicates deterioration of water quality within the last 3 years.

(b)The alternative reporting program must include:

(i)a written certification, prepared by a qualified professional, must be submitted within 30 days of the date the lab analyses are reported. The certification must state that the wells in the program were sampled in accordance with the solid waste facility’s approved water quality monitoring program and that the results were reviewed and found to be consistent with prior results.

(ii)the information listed in paragraph (5), above, must be kept at the solid waste facility and be available to staff of the Department upon request.

4.Leachate, Leachate Collection, Leachate Detection System And Leachate Treatment Residue Monitoring. A program of periodic monitoring of leachate quality and volume, leak detection system (LDS) fluid quality, volume and flow rate, and leachate treatment residue composition and generation rate must be conducted at all facilities which have a leachate collection and/or detection system. A sampling and analytical workplan must be submitted for Department review and approval. The sampling and analytical workplan for leachate treatment residue characterization must meet the requirements of Section 6. The Department-approved sampling and analytical workplan must be part of the operation manual for the facility, and must include all proposed monitoring points. Sampling schedule, methods of sample collection and preservation, analyses to be performed, quality assurance/quality control, analytical and statistical methods and reporting format must be specified. At a minimum, the following must be incorporated into the monitoring plan:

The parameter list for leachate and LDS fluid monitoring is found in Appendix 405.A.

Chapter 405: Water Quality Monitoring, Leachate Monitoring, and Waste Characterization

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