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(iii)analysis must be conducted at a frequency of one sample per source or per two hundred fifty (250) tons, whichever is more frequent.

(iv)a facility may be licensed to accept these wastes if the results of this testing are:

PCBs<50 mg/kg (dry weight basis) ;

TCLP<Regulatory limit;

TOX<1000 ppm;

Sulfide reactivity<500 mg/kg

Cyanide reactivity<250 mg/kg

(v)if the sum of the TOX compounds detected is in excess of 1000 mg/kg, the waste may be accepted at a licensed facility if the following compounds are not detected at levels above 100 mg/kg, as determined by Method 8240 in SW-846, third edition:




Methylene Chloride

1,1,2 - Trichloroethane


Carbon Tetrachloride

Chlorinated Fluorocarbons

1,1,2 - Trichloroethane

1,2,2 - Trifluoroethane

(c)Virgin petroleum-contaminated soils and debris (other than gasoline). All soils and debris contaminated with virgin petroleum product other than gasoline generated from remedial activities of USTs, surface storage facilities and surface spills must be analyzed by the TCLP for metals only. Analysis must be conducted at a frequency of one sample per source or per five hundred (500) tons, whichever is more frequent. With receipt of certification by the Department that the site involved clean up of a virgin petroleum product other than gasoline, no analytical testing is required.

(d)Other non-hazardous oil-contaminated soils may be approved for disposal on a case-by-case basis. A request for approval must be submitted, reviewed and approved by the Department prior to disposal.

(4)Oil, Coal, Wood, Multifuel Boiler and Incinerator Ash Storage and Disposal. An ash must not be accepted if the total concentration value for vanadium equals or exceeds 15,000 mg/kg unless a Department-approved operating plan to minimize fugitive emissions has been developed and implemented.

(a)Start-up ash. Start-up ash from new solid waste incinerators, biomedical waste incinerators, and fossil fuel and multi-fuel boilers must be characterized in accordance with a Department-approved plan. If the source facility is not required by a Department license to characterize its start-up ash, the accepting solid waste facility shall submit to the Department for review and approval a sampling and analytical work plan in conformance with the requirements of Section 6.B(2), above, for characterization of any start-up ash from the source facility. Once start-up characterization is complete, the appropriate analytical program as outlined below must be

Chapter 405: Water Quality Monitoring, Leachate Monitoring, and Waste Characterization

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