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This is your official invitation to attend the finest, most highly respected and most talent-laden all-service JROTC event in the world, the...


Introduction Sports Network International is pleased to provide this invitation to all precision drill units to attend the 32nd annual National High School Drill Team Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. This event is open to all Junior ROTC units and select other military-style programs competing in Armed & Unarmed divisions. This is your school’s official invitation to enter the nation’s finest drill & ceremony competition, referred to worldwide as simply “The Nationals.” Schools will never experience a more majestic and remarkable drill event than this.

The National High School Drill Team Championships remains the most coveted drill destination in the world. Schools travel from across the U.S. to attend this all-service drill spectacular. Schools considering entry into the Nationals should make plans early as competition spaces are limited to roughly 50 schools at the Masters Level; 55 schools at the Challenge Level; and 35 schools within the Open Level Color Guard event.

Sports Network International, Inc. (SNI) serves as the Event Manager for The Nationals. The National High School Drill Team Championships are proudly sponsored by the U.S. Army Cadet Command.

Competition Guidelines All units may use their own service regulations to compete at the NHSDTC. Where their manual is not specific, Armed Divisions use US Army TC 3-21.5 while the Unarmed Divisions use US Air Force FM 36-2203 (1996). The variety of services that gain top finishes in Daytona is a testament to the fairness of this drill event. The event SOP is listed on the event website early in the school year. Schools having specific questions regarding the event should contact SNI before applying for entry.

Event Judging All judges at the NHSDTC maintain a strong background in military drill. Judges are fully qualified military personnel representing all four branches of the service. Judges are given extensive judging manuals in advance of the event, as well as a full on-site briefing on the eve of the competition. The Nationals’ judges are extremely motivated and give a 110% effort. This remains a major reason why so many teams look to end their drill season at “The World’s Most Famous Beach.”

Competition Events The NHSDTC maintains two competition levels. The Challenge Level event is designed for drill teams who wish to be part of the Nationals experience while competing against similarly talented schools at a less intense skill level. The Challenge Level maintains Armed (demilitarized weapons only) & Unarmed divisions. Select teams may be required to move up to the Masters Level depending on the strength of their team or the composition of their male/female ratio. All schools are encouraged to enter “stand-alone” units into the exciting Open Level Color Guard event also held on Saturday.

The Masters Level event brings the finest drill programs in the nation together to compete within three separate divisions. Teams using standard full-weight rifles compete in the Demilitarized Arms Division. Teams without weapons enter the Unarmed Division. The Mixed Division is for teams with lightweight weapons (regardless of gender), for all-female teams (regardless of weapon type) and for mixed gender teams (see SOP for requirements).


  • Unit Inspection (12 + Cmdr.)

  • Platoon/Flight Regulation (12 + Cmdr.)

  • Color Guard (4-person only - w/arms)

  • Team Exhibition (9 cadets & over)

(Squad or Platoon Formation is acceptable)


  • Unit Inspection (12 + Cmdr.)

  • Platoon/Flight Regulation (12 + Cmdr.)

  • Color Guard (4-person only - w/arms)

  • Squad/Element Exhibition (8+ Cmdr.)

  • Platoon/Flight Exhibition (13 & over)

  • Solo & Dual Exhibition Cadets

Schools may enter multiple complete teams in different divisions at the Nationals as long as no cadet competes for more than one team. Therefore, schools entering both an armed and unarmed team may do so, but the two teams must have separate cadets for each team. This rule allows maximum cadet participation without adding multiple school entries utilizing the same cadets.

All Masters Level Armed units are allowed one entry (per team) in both Solo & Dual Exhibition. Unarmed Masters units can enter one pair in Unarmed Dual Ex. *Select Challenge Level cadets may also be accepted into these events! Teams can petition for a 2nd entry slot if desired. Also, ALL CADETS are urged to compete in their level’s Armed & Unarmed Knockout Drills. NOTE: No “knockout fee” is charged to participate.

NHSDTC Event Specifics The National High School Drill Team Championships are held at the impressive Ocean Center Arena in Daytona Beach, Florida in late Spring every year. This state-of-the-art facility features permanent seating for over 6,000 with outstanding amenities for a drill competition the size and prestige of the Nationals. The Ocean Center also features a complete concession area and ample bus parking. Limited private meeting rooms are available for rent during the event. Contact SNI for details. All instructors and cadets who attend the Nationals will attest that the Ocean Center remains the most exceptional drill & ceremony facility currently in use in the United States.

Schools are housed in Daytona Beach at one of 15+ oceanfront hotels located within 10 minutes of the Ocean Center Arena. They provide quality & affordable billeting for every Nationals team. SNI will also offer schools the ability to choose an Upgrade Hotel Package Plan at one of several select premium hotels. The Headquarters for the event is the Hilton Oceanwalk Resort. Located directly across the street from the Ocean Center, the Hilton is an oasis which will provide exceptional billeting for the few schools selected to stay in this luxury hotel environment. Schools requesting a specific hotel should contact SNI directly.

All Challenge & Open Level schools must arrive by Friday afternoon. All Masters Level schools must arrive by Saturday afternoon. Exceptions granted on a case- by-case basis. The Challenge & Open Level events will be held on Saturday, May 3rd, with the two-day Masters Level competition held on Sunday & Monday, May 4th & 5th. Both competition levels feature Knockout Drills and an Awards Ceremony in the evening following the competition.

Awards and Trophies The Nationals features unparalleled trophies & awards. National Championship and National Runner-Up trophies are awarded in all competition divisions - Demilitarized Arms, Unarmed and Mixed (at the Masters Level); Armed & Unarmed (at the Challenge Level). The impressiveness of these trophies remains legendary within the Junior ROTC drill community!


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