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If replacing legacy equipment with new equipment that supports IPv6 affects your capital expenditure budget then you need to start planning now, so that IPv6 capability is part of your natural replacement cycle instead of an extraordinary capital expenditure made at the last minute in crisis mode.


Hurricane Electric's view of IPv6

As a backbone operator, Hurricane Electric sees IPv6 in the context of the question: “In three years, does Hurricane Electric still want to be in business?” Since the answer is a resounding “yes”, this provides the clear motivation to deploy native IPv6. Further, since Hurricane Electric views deployment of native IPv6 network services as a precursor to the ability of its customers to provide production services over IPv6. Hurricane Electric started early and in earnest!

IPv6 planning for us was a matter of taking IPv6 into account when making purchasing decisions and implementing projects. Hurricane Electric viewed IPv6 from a risk management perspective that it didn't cost us much and potentially gained us a competitive edge if IPv6 was important, whereas if Hurricane Electric didn't do it we were risking the business for the sake of avoiding a little thinking.

Hurricane Electric (AS6939) went dual stack IPv6 and IPv4 at all locations in 2007

In early 2007 Hurricane Electric completed a network wide core router and backbone circuit upgrade. As part of this process we moved the Hurricane Electric IPv6 network into the network core and now run dual-stack wirespeed IPv6 and IPv4 in all locations.

This paper describes the IPv6 network performance improvements:

http://bgp.he.net/going-native.pdf Going Native A backbone transition to extensive native IPv6 peering By Mike Leber

Hurricane Electric upgraded the internal support and systems to be IPv6 enabled. The NOC and engineering staff are all IPv6 capable personnel so that any IPv6 customer knows they are talking to a trained professional directly, vs. having to wait for the one IPv6 expert in the company to get back from lunch. Hurricane Electric upgraded its basic network services including DNS name servers, NTP time servers, SMTP mail servers, public router servers and public looking glass to be IPv6 compliment.

http://he.net/Hurricane Electric Geographic Network Map.jpg North America & European Network Map April 2008

IPv6 at Hurricane Electric © 2008 http://he.net/

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