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As a mom of a Kindergartener and 3 yr. old my journey for a healthier family started 2 years ago when I learned these alarming statistics.

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    1/3 of children born

after the year 2000 will have type II Diabetes (American Diabetic Association)

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    70% of children ages

12-13 have beginning stages of hardening of the arteries (Bogulusa Heart Study)

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    ½ of all children will

be obese by 2010 (American College of Pediatrics)

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    8 million+ children

have asthma, up 232% in the last 40 yrs. (Center for disease Control and Prevention)

As parents we want the very best for our children, the best schools, clothes and stuff! But the greatest gift we can give our families is the gift of health! I know that eating healthy is no easy task, but over the course of the school year I will be sharing with you "9 Simple Steps to a Healthier Family Diet" from Dr. William Sears M.D. Each month I will share a new step to help empower you to take action and make very easy changes that will make a lifetime of difference. If you would like to check out a copy of this incredible DVD please feel free to contact me at 678-777- 7141.

You're Partner in Prevention, Trisha Caputo Health and Wellness Coordinator

The Fall Festival is coming soon! This year we have more fun than ever scheduled for the entire family! We have FOUR inflatables--including one 70 foot obstacle course and a huge slide! We also have dozens of games, vendors, sno-cones and the always popular Silent Auction and Basket Raffle. This year the games will again be free and we'll offer a $10 arm band for unlimited access to the inflatables, face painting, crafts and various games. If you would like to help plan the event or are interested in a vendor table, email us ASAP at littleriverelementarypta@yahoo.com. And as always, we'll have the cake walk and will definitely want yummy donations from those of you who love to bake! Be on the lookout for more information coming home soon!

Box Tops Bulletin

Welcome back to another wonderful year at Little River Elementary. For our new students and parents, welcome to our great school. Let me introduce myself, I am Boxy Topsy, your roving Box Tops reporter. I am the traveling bear. I am presently in Mrs. Smith’s 1st grade class learning many wonderful things. I travel to the class that turns in the most Box Tops for Education coupons each month. Here at Little River we collect Box Tops for Education coupons that appear on all General Mills cereals, Ziploc bags and containers, Cottonelle and Kleenex paper products, Hefty paper plates, and now on several Kimberly-Clark products such as Huggies diapers, baby wipes, and Kotex products. The are several snack and refrigerated/dairy products that also carry the coupon. These Box Tops are worth 10 cents each to our school. This is free money for products that we all use everyday. Last year we collected $2600 worth of Box Tops, but we can do better. Our goal this year is $3000. With this money we can purchase items to improve our school, like the 15 foot bench in our mulch play area. This bench will be able to move to the new school area when the time comes. We are awaiting the arrival of 2 new picnic benches. We have purchased items for the school nurse to use in her clinic, and for our music teacher Mrs. Early. These are items that the school would not have if not for this free money. We could easily collect over $8000 if every student in the school would turn in just 100 Box Tops over the school year. To make this even easier, Publix is having a buy 12 items get 100 Box Tops Free! Flyers were handed out at meet and greet, but if you need one, just ask for one. All you have to do is mail in the 12 UPCs from the purchased Box Top products to the address on the flyer and they will mail you a coupon for 100 Box Tops. It is that easy. The end date for this promotion is September 15th. Also, B.J.’s Club and Sam’s Club have 5 bonus box tops on many items right now, so watch for these bonuses. We also collect Campbell’s Labels for Education for our P.E. department. The only portion of the label that is required is the UPC barcode of all products. There are 150 items that are worth 5 points each. Check on the flyer that was sent home on the back of the P.E. flyer for the items list. If you need a new list, please ask for one. Also, check out the website www.labelsforeducation.com for the current list. Tyson A+ labels are collected and these are worth 24 cents each. You can tell these items by the chalkboard with the A+ on it. Please send in the entire label with the A+ on it for credit. We collected over 300 A+ labels last year. Any questions just send them into the school addressed to the Box Tops Lady, and she will get you the information you need. Well, I am off to Mrs. Waidler’s 2nd grade class for the month of September. She had 762 box tops turned in August. Wow, you have brought in $378.40 in the first month of school. The 2 grade classes are in the lead. Watch the time machines outside of the lunchroom for the updates. I cannot wait to visit all the different classes. This is Boxy Topsy reminding you that your trash, your grandparents, neighbors, and co-workers trash is our school’s cash, please send it in! See you next month! nd


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