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Fall 2008

From the Podium

Dear Colleagues,

CBDNAcontinues to evolve administratively with elec- tronic services to conveniently renew your membership by credit card payment from the cbdna.org website. You may also pre-register for the March 25-28, Na- tional Conference in Austin between December 15 and February 28, for $100, from a link on the conference website. Registration after the February 28 deadline is $120. Online registration will close on March 13, and thereafter must be done at the convention. Registrations by check may be mailed with a pdf form obtainable on the cbdna.org site, and must be postmarked by Friday, March 13. Housing reservations may be made at the ATT Conference Center link from the National Confer- ence page “Accommodations” button, and must be made by February 28. I encourage you to take advantage of these convenient options in the coming weeks to allow our hosts to plan for your arrival.

For the first time in our history, CBDNA members may provide personal information online that includes gender and ethnicity data. Let me assure you that the information provided is completely confidential and only generates arabic numbers for reporting in these two categories. While submitting this is information is optional, I hope you will participate to create the most accurate baseline data possible for this particular time in our profession.

While guiding a recent research project that emanated from unpublished letters in 1939-40 by Percy Grainger and Karl King that were found in the band office files at a regional university in Oklahoma, a number of thoughts came to mind. First of all, how remarkable it was that after almost 70 years, the letters still existed. Second, is it possible that other important unpublished letters from the 1930’s and 40’s documenting Grainger’s travels to remote towns in the middle of the country are buried in filing cabinets and in danger of being lost forever? Finally, what impact will electronic communication have on the ability to assemble and catalogue composer correspondence in the future?

The purpose of the above project was to document Percy Grainger’s activities in one remote American town, which was common after his solo piano career engage- ments diminished. There is little existing research on

this less glamorous phase of the composer’s career. In a letter from December, 1939, Grainger addresses pro- gram ideas for conducting a festival band while refer- ring to the fact Lincolnshire Posy would be unavailable given that the manuscript copy had just been delivered to the engravers at his publisher in London. However, he states that he could offer a “first performance” of Immovable Do for the festival band. (Interestingly—at least to me—was that a newspaper account listing per- sonnel participating in the festival included my father’s name in the cornet section!)

Karl King, guest conductor for the same festival, also sent a letter in November of 1939, to the host that in- cludes a first-hand account of Grainger’s rehearsal in Milwaukee seven months earlier for the premiere of Lincolnshire Posy at the American Bandmasters Asso- ciation Convention of 1939. The essence of this portion of the letter warns the festival host to have King’s re- hearsal precede Grainger’s since the Grainger rehearsal atABA“took nearly took all afternoon…more time than the rest of us [ABA conductors] combined.”

Unfortunately, future written accounts such as these may become even more rare if ever-changing digital technology replaces the more time-honored hand-writ- ten forms of communication. I mention this particular case because of how exciting it was to read correspon- dence and look at hand-written entries into a travel calendar that came directly from important players in our history. As you engage in email correspondence on important topics, it may be valuable to print se- lected correspondence for filing. I remember my first computer, an Apple IIE (wow, that dates me…but not as much as carbon copies on a typewriter…) and the multiple generations of software and operating systems that proved incompatible.

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