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SHERLINE Lathe and Mill Setup Instructions

Getting answers to your questions about machining

Over the years we have found that the majority of our customers are both highly intelligent and skilled craftsmen. Often they are also new to machining. The instructions we have included in this book, while far more extensive than anything included with other machine tools, even ones costing thousands of dollars, still only scratch the surface when it comes to machining. We have tried to anticipate the most common problems and questions asked by a new machinist. What we have provided in this book and with each accessory, when combined with a liberal amount of common sense, is more than enough to get you started. If you apply what you learn here, you will be well on your way to making good parts. No doubt you will also have many questions specific to your project that simply can't be addressed in a booklet of this type.

Answers to questions beyond the scope of this booklet will have to come from your own research. Book stores and libraries are full of excellent books on machining, and the Internet is forming some great user groups that can put you in direct contact with others who share your specific interests. Our own World Wide Web site is a great source of information as well, as we have published there all the instructions for all our tools and accessories for you to read and print out for free. We feel we have written the best book available on miniature machining with Sherline tools. It is called Tabletop Machining by Sherline's owner and long-time toolmaker Joe Martin. We also sell Doug Briney's Home Machinist's Handbook as well as a very informative steam engine project video by Rudy Kouhoupt, both of which are packed with knowledge for new machinists. For the past 35 years I have found Machinery's Handbook to be the source I turn to for answers to my own questions. May your journey toward becoming a skilled machinist be an enjoyable one.

An introduction to the world of miniature machining

What new machinists like most and least

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