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FIGURE 8--Indicating in a 30° head tilt using a mill vise and draftsman's triangle.

The squareness of your machine may also be checked with an indicator. For instance, alignment of the head can be checked by offsetting the indicator in the spindle so the tip will move on a 5-inch diameter circle. The amount of reading relative to the table is the amount of error. Don't be discouraged to find a few thousandths of an inch error in your machine. This machine has been designed to have the most accuracy commensurate with reasonable cost. In machine tool manufacturing, accuracy and cost run hand in hand. To increase accuracy only a few percentage points could double the selling price, because entirely different manufacturing processes would be required. However, you can personally improve the accuracy of your machine with a few shims if needed by employing your dial indicator.

The column bed is aligned with the column block at the factory. If you remove it, it will have to be realigned by mounting a known "square" on the mill table and adjusting placement of the bed by running an indicator on the square as the headstock is raised and lowered. The same method can be used to check alignment of the column bed to ensure it is square with the "Y" axis. To correct any error (which should be small), place a shim between the column block and the mill base.

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