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adjustments. They should be just tight enough to do the job. Overtightening may damage threads or warp parts, thereby reducing accuracy and effectiveness.

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    It is not recommended that the lathe be used for grinding. The fine dust that results from the grinding operation is extremely hard on bearings and other moving parts of your tool. For the same reason, if the lathe or any other precision tool is kept near an operating grinder, it should be kept covered when not in use.

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    DON'T LET LONG, THIN STOCK PROTRUDE FROM THE BACK OF THE SPINDLE—Long, thin stock that is unsupported and turned at high RPM can suddenly bend and whip around.

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    WEAR YOUR SAFETY GLASSES-Foresight is better than NO SIGHT! The operation of any power tool can result in foreign objects being thrown into the eyes, which can result in severe eye damage. Always wear safety glasses or eye shields before commencing power tool operation. We recommend a Wide Vision Safety Mask for use over spectacles or standard safety glasses.

Electrical connections

The power cord used is equipped with a 3-prong grounding plug which should only be connected to a properly grounded receptacle for your safety. Should an electrical failure occur in the motor, the grounded plug and receptacle will protect the user from electrical shock. If a properly grounded receptacle is not available, use a grounding adapter to adapt the 3-prong plug to a properly grounded receptacle by attaching the grounding lead from the adapter to the receptacle cover screw.

FIGURE 1-Always use a properly grounded receptacle.

NOTE: The electrical circuits designed into the speed control of your lathe or mill reads incoming current from 100 to 240 volts AC and 50 or 60 Hz. and automatically adapts to supply the correct 90 volts DC to the motor. As long as you have a properly wired, grounded connector cord for your source, the machine will operate anywhere in the world without a transformer. This has been true for all SHERLINE machines built since 1994.

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