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following instructions carefully. Keep your machine clean, lubricated and adjusted as instructed. Do not leave cleaning rags, tools or other materials on the lathe bed or around moving parts of the machine.

Learning more about machining

Many fine books have been written on machining techniques and are available at your local library or book store. Although these books will be referring to machines many times larger than Sherline's tools, the principle remains the same. For the best reference that is specific to Sherline tools, see Joe Martin's book, Tabletop Machining.


  • MACHINE SLIDES-Use a light oil such as sewing machine oil on all points where there is sliding contact. This should be done immediately after each cleanup. (We grease the slides at the factory to ensure the lubrication stays in place during shipping, but light oil will work fine once you begin using the machine.)

  • LEAD SCREW, TAILSTOCK SCREW, CROSSLIDE SCREW-Sewing machine oil should be placed along all threads regularly. At the same time, check that the threads are free from any metal chips. Use an air hose or paint brush to keep them clean.

  • TAILSTOCK SPINDLE-Wind out the spindle as far as it will go and lightly oil it with sewing machine oil.

  • HANDWHEEL-A few drops of light oil behind the handwheel will reduce friction between the surfaces and make operation easier and smoother.

  • HEADSTOCK BEARINGS-These bearings are lubricated at the factory for the lifetime of the machine and should not need further lubrication. DO NOT break the seals.

  • MOTOR-Sealed ball bearings require no maintenance.

Initial assembly of a new machine

Your new lathe or mill will come packed in a box with some items disassembled for shipping purposes. On the lathe you will install the crosslide table onto the saddle. On the mill you will install the "Z" axis column onto the base. On both machines you will need to install the motor and speed control. The machines are completely assembled and tested for fit at the factory prior to shipping. They are then disassembled and packaged, so everything should go together easily when you reassemble it. The motors are "run in" for approximately one hour to assure proper function and seating of the brushes.

Before you call us and say a part is missing, please look carefully through the packaging. Some parts are in bags taped to the bottom of cardboard flaps or spacers and you may not notice them when you open the box and remove the major components.

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