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Outline Planning Permission is sought for a residential dwelling and footway extension at Tramontana Coach Distributors, Chapelknowe Road, Motherwell.The site is situated within a site zoned as Green Belt Land in the Central IndustrialArea Part Development Plan 1964 and zoned as Greenbelt within the Southern Area Local Plan 2001 (Finalised Draft). Policies ENV 6 and HSG 12 (Housing in the Green Belt and Countryside) of the finalised Southern Area Local Plan are therefore material planning considerations. The site is located to the North of Chapelknowe Road, with the sharp bend in Chapelknowe Road to the south eastern side of the site boundary and Tramontana Coach Distributors to the western boundary of the site. The site is approximately9500 metres square in area and comprises mainly open space/greenfield land with a tree line to the east of the site.

Policy ENV 6 outlines that the Council will safeguard the character and function of the Green Belt, as defined on the Proposals Map, within which there will be a presumption against development or change of use other than that directly associated with and required for agriculture, forestry, the generation of power from renewable sources, outdoor leisure and recreation, telecommunications or other appropriate rural uses. A residential use is considered unacceptable given the Green Belt location and the lack of operational need with respect to Policy ENV 6.

The applicant has providedjustification for the dwelling in the form of two letters, which outline the applicants difficulties with respect to repeated break-ins, thefts and vandalism of his site. The applicant contends that he has addressed these problems in the normal manner with alarm systems, security cameras and security fencing to with little success. The applicant has stated that the cost implications of external full time security are not feasible and proposes taking up residence on the site to provide security for his own premises. The applicant also contends that a residential use for the site is a natural extension given the proximity to the Dalziel Park development and the adjacent mixed residential and commercial uses. Having examined the supporting evidence with respect to policy ENV 6 it is not considered that the evidence provided meets the requirements of the policy and therefore does not provided sufficient justification for a new residential dwelling in the greenbelt.

The Transportation Team Leader has been consulted as part of the application and has objected on the grounds that Chapelknowe Road is classified, rural in nature and is subject to the national speed limit of 60mph at this locus thus a frontage access is considered to be unsuitable. A visibility splay of 2.5 metres by 215 metres in both directions is required from this access onto Chapelknowe Road and is unachievable due to the horizontal geometry of Chapelknowe Road. The Transportation Manager has also commented that there is no pedestrianfootway network to the north side of Chapelknowe Road, which could lead to pedestrians walking on the carriagewayto the detriment of road safety. Transportation have also noted that the application includes a footway on the south side of Chapelknowe Road which due to the substandard forward sightlines and the speed of traffic at this locus, pedestrian movements across the road would be detrimental to road safety.

The Protective Services Manager has been consulted as part of this application and has requested a comprehensive phase 1 site investigation be submitted to ensure potential risks of contamination have been fully assessed and any remediation works undertaken. Scottish Water has been consulted and has offered no objection to the development provided that spare capacity still remains at the time of construction. Both Transco and Scottish Power have also been consulted as part of this application and have offered no objections to the proposal. Scottish Power have noted that underground apparatus and/or overhead lines are within the area of the proposals and that Scottish Power have the right to protect or deviate the apparatus at the applicants expense.

In accordance with Section 25 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, planning decisions must be made in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise. It is considered that the proposed dwelling would not be acceptable as it is contrary to the zoning of the Central Industrial Area Part Development Plan 1964. And is contrary to policies ENV 6 (Green Belt) and HSG 12 (Housing in the Green Belt and Countryside).The applicant has also failed to provide any justification for the dwelling in terms of the policies above and as such the development is considered unacceptable.

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