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Industrial on Central Industrial Area Part Development Plan Zoned partly for Retail Development Opportunity and partly as Green Belt on Southern Area Local Plan Finalised Draft (Modified 2001 &2004)

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Outline planning permission (S10410222310UT)was granted, subject to conditions, for the erection of a 3,827 square metre class one retail food store on the site of the Kilt Bar and adjoining land on Morningside Road, Newmains at the Planningand Environment Committee on 27th June 2005. This application seeks to amend condition 14 (requiring road improvements) of that consent.

For reference, the site in question is located at Newmains Cross at the junction of the A71 and the A73. The approved plans show an indicativesite layout detailing the building located towards the south of the site with car parking to the front and servicing to the rear. Access is proposed from the A71, Morningside Road, at the far southern corner of the site.

As part of application S/04/02223/0UT the applicant submitted a Transport Assessment (TA) to detail the traffic and transportation implicationsof the development. Of note were road improvements required to the A71 Morningside Road/A73 Main StreetlA722 Manse Road/A73Westwood Road/ Bonkle Road roundabout. The TA indicated that (amongst other things) improvements to the roundabout are required as the proposed development will significantly affect the capacity and operation of the junction. Specifically, the necessaryworks involve carriagewaywidening, which can all be provided within the site boundary, or road boundary with the exception of the Westwood Road approach. In the case of the latter the works require land which currently forms a landscaped area, under the ownership of the Council.

The necessity for these improvements was a view shared by my Traffic and Transportation Team Leader and as such condition 14 was attached to the consent to ensure that prior to commencement of development full details of the works are submitted for the approval of the Department and prior to the food store being brought into use, the required improvements are implemented in full.

A revised

has been submitted with this application which effectively omits the improvements to the

Westwood Road arm of the roundabout. The applicant proposes an amendment to condition 14 to reflect this. Having assessed the current TA my Traffic and Transportation Team Leader considers

there no be no justification for this omission and that the lack of any such improvement will significantly affect the capacity and operation of the junction. Furthermore, no alternative improvement is proposed. In effect, it is envisaged that queues will be approximately 3 times longer during the PM peak periods on

this arm. Ten years after the year of opening the queues will be 7 times longer than in 2006.

Policy TR13 of the Southern Area Local Plan (Assessing the Transport Implications of Development) requires the Council in determining applications to consider the level of traffic generated by

development proposals and the impact of the development on road traffic circulation and road safety. National policy detailed in NPPG 17 Transport and Planning offers further guidance. This requires that

the impact of development proposals on transport networks should not compromise their safety or efficiency. In this case there is no adequatejustification for the omission of the road improvement to the Westwood Road arm of the roundabout. Without this improvement I consider that there will be an unacceptable impact on the traffic circulation of the existing road network at this location following

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