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The mast would be used to gather wind data over a period of up to two years prior to the development of the nearby 2 turbine wind farm. In particular, at its meeting of 1IthMay 2005, the Council agreed to grant planning permission at Greendykeside Farm for the ‘Erection of 2 x 60.0m High Wind Turbines with 65m Diameter Blades’ subject to a Section 75 agreement and Bond of Caution. These last 2 matters are still under consideration and the planning permission has not yet been issued. In the meantime, the developer has submitted revised plans showing 2 x 64.5m turbines with 70m diameter blades. These amended details are currently under consideration and the matter is likely to be presented to Committee soon.

The site is covered by local plan policy GB2 (Restrict Development in Countryside Around Towns) which asks that developments be justified against economic benefit, locational need, infrastructure implications and environmental impact. The development does not raise any strategic issues.

SNH and NLC Community Services were consulted and have no objections in principle.

It is considered that the proposal meets the relevant criteria set out in local plan policy GB2. There is clearly a locational need for the development, given that it complements the wind farm development which the Council is already minded to grant. Although 50 metres in height, the impact of the mast would be limited by the slim nature of the structure, its remote location and its temporary nature. After the 2 year period is up, the mast would be removed and the site restored to its former condition.

There are no policy, consultee, or third party objections to this proposal and I recommend its approval, subject to a requirement for the eventual removal of the mast and the restoration of the land to its previous condition.


That the mast hereby permitted shall be removed and the land restored to its former condition as open farmland within two years of the mast being completed.

To accord with the terms of the application, to ensure the timeous return of the land to open farmland and in the interests of visual amenity in this rural location.


That within 7 days of the mast being completed, the applicant shall give the Planning Authority written confirmation that the mast has been completed.

To enable the Planning Authority the ability to monitor the operations.


That the development hereby permitted shall be started within two years of the date of this permission.

In accordance with the terms of the application and to ensure that the development is implemented within a reasonable timescale, in the interests of the amenity of the area.

Monklands District Local Plan 1991 Application form and plans received 9th August 2005 Memo from Leisure Services received 2nd September 2005 Letter from Scottish Natural Heritage received 23rd August 2005

Any person wishing to inspect these documents should contact Mr Lindsay Kellock at 01236 812379.

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