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Planning permission is being sought for the erection of a two-storey side extension at 15 Stonehaven Crescent, Airdrie. The application property is a semi-detached dwellinghouse set within a residential area.


The proposed extension would be the same height and depth as the existing house and would be built 17 centimetres from the boundary line of No.17 Stonehaven Crescent. The facing materials to be used for the external walls and roof shall match in colour and texture to those of the existing house.

    • 2.1

      The application is assessed against policy HG9 (Housing Policy for Existing Residential Areas). There are no strategic implications.

    • 3.1

      One letter of representation has been received from No.17 Stonehaven Crescent. The main grounds of objection are as follows:

  • (i)

    The extension will overshadow the gable end of No.17 and dramatically reduce the natural light to the gable windows (Bathroom and Living Room).

  • (ii)

    The noise from the construction of the extension will be unacceptable as there is a shift worker within the household.

  • (iii)

    Privacy will be dramatically reduced to the two gable windows (bathroom and living room).

  • (iv)

    The views from the gable side windows will be restricted.

  • (v)

    The materials used and appearance of the extension will have an adverse effect on any future prospective buyers to their property.

  • (vi)

    The extension will exacerbate existing parking and traffic problems. There will be work vehicles, cars, machinery and skips parked outside their property. There is a blind corner with children playing in the vicinity.

  • (vii)

    The objectors are not willing to grant the applicant access to their property for during the construction of the extension.

    • 4.1

      In assessing this application local plan policy HG9 (Housing Policy for Existing Residential Areas) is relevant. This seeks to protect residential areas by opposing development that adversely affects the amenity of the established housing. As noted the site is within an existing residential area and therefore the principle of and extension to a residential property is acceptable.

    • 4.2

      In relation to the grounds of objection these are addressed as follows:


The gable windows referred to are a first floor bathroom window and a small window on the ground floor which is a secondary window to the living room. The bathroom window

is not classified as a habitable room and does not receive the same level of protection against loss of sunlight/ daylight as habitable rooms. The small living room window, apart from being secondary the main window facing the roadway, is already the basis of

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