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this was put forward. There are two existing mast installations to the east and west approximately 150 metres in each direction. Mast sharing was considered by the applicant. However, mast sharing either of the two existing masts would result in a much taller and larger structure, which would have a greater detrimental impact on the visual environment.

The site is zoned as GBI (Green Belt Area) and policy TELI (Telecommunications Developments) of the Adopted Monklands District Local Plan 1991. There are no strategic implications.

Policy TELI contained in the Monklands District Local Plan 1991 indicates that any telecommunications developments will be considered with regard to national policy and against; economic benefit, specific locational need and environmental impact. It is unlikely that there would be a significant negative or positive impact in regard to economic benefit that can be measured. It will be of general benefit to the community to have full signal coverage for mobile phones. As for specific locational need several sites were investigated. However due to limited coverage, lack of site providers and the undesirability of site- share in this case the application site was chosen to provide the appropriate network coverage. In considering environmental impact, the proposed installation will not have a significant visual impact due to the existing trees being used as screening. Therefore, this overrides normal GBI considerations as it is considered that the environmental impact is acceptable. As for related health impact the proposal is in accordance with all relevant national planning policy and the applicant has submitted the ICNIRP compliance certificate.

The proposed development is in accordance with local plan policy and national policy guidance in PAN 62 and NPPG 19 Radio Telecommunications.

I consider that the proposal meets the criteria stipulated in policy TEL 1 and should not significantly impact on the amenity of the area. It is therefore recommended that planning permission be granted.


Grant Subject to the Following Conditions:-


That the development hereby permitted shall be started within five years of the date of this permission

Reason:To accord with the provisions of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997

In event that the equipment hereby approved becomes redundant it shall be removed and the site reinstated to the satisfaction of the Planning Authority within one month of the equipment becoming redundant.

Reason:To ensure restoration of the site to a satisfactory standard.

That the fence and cabinets approved shall be painted dark green from the BS4800 colour range.

Reason:ln the interests of visual amenity of the surrounding area.

That before the development hereby permitted starts, tree protection measures in accordance with British Standard BS 5837 shall be erected along the drip line of the trees, as shown on the approved plans, and these measures shall not be removed without the approval in writing of the Planning Authority.

Reason:To ensure adequate tree protection measures during the installation of the development hereby permitted in the interest of amenity.

That before the development hereby permitted starts, a scheme of landscaping for the area within the RED boundary on the approved plans shall be submitted to, and approved in writing by the PlanningAuthority, including any modifications as may be required, and it shall include:-

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