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principals of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS).

To safeguard the amenity of the area and to ensure that the proposed drainage system complies with the latest guidance on SUDS.


That before the development hereby permitted starts, the applicant shall provide written confirmation to the Planning Authority that all the requirements of Scottish Water, have been fully met in respect of providing the necessary site drainage infrastructure to serve the development.

To ensure the provision of satisfactory site drainage arrangements.


That before the development starts, a report certified by a suitably qualified person, shall be submitted in respect of the following environmental considerations, and that any mitigation measures required will be implemented in accordance with a timescale agreed by the Planning Authority in consultationwith SNH:


all habitats potentially affected by the proposed development be carefully surveyed by a suitably qualified person for any species , which receive statutory protection;


means for the protection and successful relocation of any species identified above, from habitat within the site to suitable areas and that any requirements to ensure that the existing wildlife corridors and linkages do not become severed as a result of the development are implemented to the full satisfaction of the Planning Authority and SNH. In particular strong regard should be paid to the protection of bats and badgers.

protect statutorily protected species, and encourage the formation of new habitat in

the interests of nature conservation.




That before the development hereby permitted is brought into use, a roundabout to the specifications of the Roads Authority shall be constructed at the junction of Belhaven Road and Bell Street.

In order to ensure satisfactory vehicular access to the site.

  • 25.

    That before the development hereby permitted is brought into use, the following off site road infrastructure works shall be constructed and implemented to the satisfaction of the Roads Authority:

    • a)

      Formation of a new public road parallel to the existing stretch of Dundyvan Street between Belhaven Road and Alexander Street, and the alteration of the existing carriageway to form a new access to adjacent housing;

    • b)

      Closure of the link between Main Street and Low Main StreeVGlen Road;

    • c)

      Provision of bus stops at Cleland Road;

    • d)

      Installation of traffic lights on Main Street at West Cross, and at the junction of Belhaven Road and Main Street.

To ensure the provision of satisfactory road infrastructure works.


That before the development hereby permitted, a visibility splay of 2.5 metres by 60 metres shall be provided at the realigned section and existing section of Dundyvan Street, everything exceeding 1.05 metres in height above the road channel level shall be removed from the sight line areas and, thereafter, nothing exceeding 1.05 metres in height above road channel shall be planted, placed, erected, or allowed to grow, within these sight line areas.

In the interests of traffic and pedestrian safety.

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