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StreeffBelhaven Road and Belhaven RoadlMain Street junctions and Belhaven Terrace and the service yard access is in a dangerous location on a blind corner.

  • f)

    The proposed pedestrian crossing on Quarry Street will result in the loss of residents ability to park outside their property

  • g)

    The development will be visually intrusive and will adversely affect the open outlook from the houses on BelhavenTerrace and Quarry Street

  • h)

    It is requested that the building be relocated, possibly to Belhaven Road, in order to reduce the impact on residential properties.

  • i)

    The development will result in the loss of the woodland habitat and its wildlife. The submitted plans did not show any landscaping.

  • j)

    The development will result in anti social behaviour and reduce privacy for neighbouring residents

  • k)

    The proposals relating to the trees and boundary treatment to the east of the site adjacent to the housing on Miler Street are not clear

  • I)

    The development will reduce property values in the area

The letters of objection from consultants dispute the Retail Impact Assessment and Transportation Assessment and may be summarised as follows:



There is insufficient retail capacity in the catchment area to permit this development

without adversely affecting the viability of Wishaw town centre. The need for the store has not been adequately demonstrated. The Technical Report on Retailing (July) 2000 from the joint Structure Plan Team indicates that there is no significant retail requirement in the catchment area. This is particularly significant given recent retail proposals for Motherwell, Bellshill and Ravenscraig.


The proposed site is an out of centre location and is inconsistent with NPPG 8 and retail policies in the Local and Structure Plans. The information submitted fails to meet the "Sequential Test" and there may be alternative sites within established town centres where such development could be accommodated. It will also fail to facilitate linked trips to the core retailing area of the town.

iv) v)

It is requested that the petrol filling station kiosk shall be limited to fuel sales only The development would result in the loss of land designated for established business and industry and as protected open space


The findings of the Transportation Assessment is questioned in respect of trip generation, traffic impact and the suitability of the mitigation measures proposed.

This application is of a scale that is considered to be significant in terms of Structure Plan Strategic Policy 9. In order to accord with the Structure Plan the proposed development requires to be assessed against three criteria contained in Strategic Policy 9. These three criteria are;

The case for the development can be established The location is appropriate and The developer has made the appropriate provisionfor infrastructure.

The Structure Plan Technical Report 7 - Retailing concludes that for the Wishaw and Carluke convenience goods catchment area at 2006 there will be not be any shortfall of turnover relative to expenditure in the catchment area. Indeed it is concluded that there will be a surplus of f5.43m of turnover over available expenditure at 2006. The application is for the replacement of the existing store in Main Street Wishaw, which operates at a net 1,620sqm. It should be noted that the applicants have confirmed that they are prepared to accept a Section Agreement restricting the future use of the existing Tesco store to non-retail town centre uses only. This would ensure that the retail floor space proposed is not in addition to the existing store. The net increase is therefore an additional 1,905sqm

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