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centre: It is noted that major retail developments are to be directed to town centres rather than edge of centres. It is also noted that the Council has indicated in the recent modifications to the draft local plan that they propose to bring forward a strategy for the regeneration of Motherwelland Wishaw Town Centres to reposition their role in relation to the Ravenscraig Initiative.This is likely to include a reduction in the extent of the commercial floor space of Wishaw and encouragement of increased conversion of premises to residential use. Nevertheless this proposal involves the relocation of an existing edge of centre store to another similar, albeit larger site. The increased floor space is considered acceptable as detailed in paragraph above. It is therefore considered that the proposal is acceptable in terms of this criterion. That it can, if necessary supported by conditions, co-exist without undermining the vitality

and viability of the town centre:

indicated at paragraph

above the levels of

expected impact could adversely affect existing individual stores but is not predicted to

adversely affect the town centres as a whole. That it tackles deficiencies in provisionwhich cannot be met in the town centre:

discussed in paragraphs under this criterion.


above the proposal is considered to be acceptable

That it does not run counter to the governments integrated transport policy and should be accessible by a choice of means of transport: The site is close to the town centre and is accessible by pedestrians, cyclists, buses and cars. That the site is accessible by public transport: indicated at (e) above. That the consequences to the trunk and local roads network are met at the developers' expense: The off site road works required can be covered by planning conditions. That it results in a high standard of design and does not result in sporadic, isolated development: The submitted design is considered acceptable and further conditions are proposed to ensure improved pedestrian access from the site to the town centre. That it does not threaten other policy objectives such as green belt and urban regeneration:The development does not adversely affect such policy objectives. indicated at paragraph above it is possible that a new quality foodstore in the Town Centre will assist regeneration by clawing back leakage to other town centres. That it does not ad'versely affect local amenity: Conditions would ensure that the amenity

of adjacent residents is protected. The impact from traffic upon the locality can be

addressed by conditions. That it would not lead to other significant environmental effects:

indicated at (j)above.

If the development is restricted to the floorspace proposed and the reuse of the existing store is controlled to limit the impact levels and conditions are imposed relating to transportation, road improvements and design then it can be considered to satisfy the above criteria.

In terms of consultation responses the detailed issues raised by my Transportation Team Leader and by Community Services can be the subject of conditions should approval be given.

stopping up order will be required to allow the works to close the link between Main Street with Wishaw Low Road/Glen Road. Detailed discussions have taken place to ensure that the road works proposed are acceptable and to improve the amount of landscaping proposed. Conditions can also be imposed to cover the matters raised by the other consultees. With regards to the comments from Network Rail regarding the title obligations for development proposals, this is a legal issue and is not a material consideration in the determining of this application. Following the issues raised by the police revisions were made to the off site works proposed and the Transportation Team Leader has confirmed that these concerns have been addressed.

In relation to the various points of objection listed above I would respond as follows:


The proposal does not accord with the local plan designations for the site, however as

detailed at paragraph

above it is considered to be acceptable. In terms of the structure

plan and local plan retail policies the proposal is considered to be acceptable in terms of its

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