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impact upon the existing town centres. I would reiterate that this is a relocation of an exiting store and it is not possible to refute the case made for the need for the increased floor space in terms of retail capacity. The proposal is considered to meet the sequential test and pedestrian access improvements should facilitate linked trips to the town centre. It is not considered necessary or appropriate in planning terms to restrict sales from the petrol station kiosk. Revised plans have been submitted which include appropriate mitigation against noise, increased landscaping and improvements to the design of the store, boundary treatments and pedestrian links to it. I am satisfied that, subject to conditions including limits on the hours of operation of the service yard, that the proposals are acceptable. The noise mitigation proposed and restricted servicing hours will minimise disturbance to residents. The impacts from noise and dust during construction can be controlled by other legislation. As indicated at paragraph 3.2 above my Transportation Team Leader is satisfied with the development subject to a number of conditions. It is not possible to preserve the ability of the residents at Quarry Street to park on the street outside their home as parking on the public road is not formally permitted. The development will undoubtedly result in the loss of a significant number of trees and radically alter the appearance of the area. I am, however, satisfied that the design and materials of the building and boundary treatments proposed along with the landscaping to be undertaken will result in an acceptable development. The preservation of an open outlook cannot be met as residents have no right in planning terms to a view. The request to amend the site layout has been considered but this has proven not to be achievable. It should also be borne in mind that the site has previously been used for industrial purposes and has included uses that were not particularly asthetically attractive such as a civic amenity site, scrap yard and a glass recycling centre. Some of the existing trees along the boundary with the houses at Belhaven Terrace are to be retained and a “Willow Wall” is proposed to mitigate against the loss of trees at these houses and those at Miller Street. There will be loss of habitats however a condition is proposed to ensure that a habitat survey be undertaken before development starts to ensure that any protected species are adequately safeguarded. It should be noted that neither SNH or the Conservation and Greening Section have opposed the application. The design of the development is such that it should not adversely affect the privacy of surrounding residents. Possible anti social behaviour is not a material planning consideration. The effect upon property values in the area is not a material planning consideration. The concerns raised in relation to the Transportation Assessment have been considered by the Transportation Team Leader and he has indicated that he does not support the points made.

The development is of a scale greater than that contained in Structure Plan Strategic Policy 9. However it is considered to meet the terms of the criteria against which it must be assessed. It is similarly acceptable in terms of the retail policies contained in the Structure Plan, the draft local plan and with the terms of NPPG The loss of the land designated for industry and business and the small amount of open space is not considered to be significant and does not justify the refusal of this application. The design and environmental impact of the development

is considered to be acceptable subject to a number of conditions. Taking all things


consideration it is recommended that permission should be granted.

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