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The application raises

strategic issues and can therefore be assessed in terms of the Local

Plan Policies.

The primary issues to be considered

compliance with the surrounding area.






here are affect the

the appropriateness and proposal will have on the

    • 4.2

      As stated above the site is zoned industrial within the Burgh of Motherwell and Wishaw Part Development Plan 1953, however given the age of this plan the Southern Area Local Plan Finalised Draft is a more recent statement of Planning Policy for the area. The policy relating to the site is Established Industrial and Business Areas within the emerging Southern Area Local Plan, which seeks to retain the existing character of Established Industrial and Business Areas.

    • 4.3

      Policy IND 10 Assessing Other Developments on Industrial and Business Land is relevant and this policy requires the Council to consider among other things the extent to which there is surplus in the land supply for industry and business and whether the development would undermine the attractiveness of a location for industry and business. The policy does however recognise that there are circumstances where the redevelopment of an industrial area will make better use of under-utilised or vacant land for alternative purposes. In this case the site is derelict and has been for some time and as there is an adequate supply of marketable industrial land in North Lanarkshire at present which should last for the next 22 years and it is considered that in principle a catering unit is acceptable on this “brownfield” site.

    • 4.4

      Policy RTL 11 Assessing Applications for Bad Neighbour Development is relevant and states that in assessing proposals for hot food takeaways, the Council should consider:

    • 1.

      the impact of the proposal on the character and amenity of the adjoining properties and the surrounding environment,

    • 2.

      the resulting mix of retail and non-retail uses’

    • 3.

      detailed design elements such as building height, materials, positioning, and access for pedestrians and disabled people, and

    • 4.

      the provisions made for vehicular access, servicing, parking, and the proposal’s impact on pedestrian safety and traffic circulation.

The catering unit is acceptable in this industrial area as there are a variety of uses in the immediate vicinity as stated in para 1.1 above. The proposed development is of a scale and design that is sympathetic to its surroundings. There is adequate car parking provision for the unit within the site, however I am concerned about the two doors proposed on the southwest elevation of the unit, which will open onto Orbiston Street. The door to the right is proposed for delivery and this can be accommodated within the site. The applicant agreed verbally that the service door could be re-located to the side elevation of the unit, accessed via the site entrance. The door to the left would allow customers direct access to the unit via Orbiston Street and this could result in on-street parking at a busy junction. The applicant was informed in a pre- application response dated 16‘h December 2004 that a direct pedestrian access was unacceptable from Orbiston Street due to the existing on-street parking congestion and the impact on road safety. The applicant was again informed of this when the planning application was submitted but has declined to amend the plans removing the doors.


Policy TR 13 Assessing the Transport Implications of Development is also relevant and states that in assessing applications for new development, the Council should consider amongst other things the impact of th’e-development on road traffic circulation and road safety and the provisions made for access, parking and vehicle manoeuvring. In this case the customers of the catering unit would have direct access via Orbiston Street and although there is adequate parking provision within the site it is unlikely that customers would access the unit via Meadow Road. This would result in on-street parking on Orbiston Street and have an adverse affect on the road traffic circulation and road safety.

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