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“A Righteous Trip”: In the Studio with Jan Berry


SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY of sources cited for the works “A Righteous Trip”: In the Studio with Jan Berry, and A Star for Jan & Dean By Mark Anderson Moore

Interviews, Conversations, and Correspondence: Conducted by Mark Anderson Moore:

Additional Interviews:


Brian Wilson (complete interview) — © 2002 Arts & Entertainment Network (A&E). All rights reserved. Courtesy of A&E and Peter Jones Productions, Los Angeles, California

Manuscripts: Don Altfeld Private Collection. Los Angeles California. Jan Berry Private Collection. Los Angeles, California. (Letters, correspondence, business

documents, legal documents, articles, clippings, musical documents, charts, and scores.) William L. Berry Private Collection. California. Jill Gibson Private Collection. Oakland, California. Bones Howe Private Collection, California. Joe Lubin Private Collection, Los Angeles, California Jim Pewter Private Collection, California. Alan Wolfson Private Collection, California.

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Issue 38 (March 1997).

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No. 3, Issue 39 (June 1997). Blaine, Hal with David Goggin. Hal Blaine and the Wrecking Crew. Emeryville, Cal.: Mix

Books, 1990. Brown, Lori, ed. Surfun (Newsletter of the Official Jan & Dean Fan Club). Sumner, Washington. Clark, Alan, ed. Jan & Dean: The Early Years. National Rock and Roll Archives, 1993.

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Eden. “Jan Says He’ll Quit Song to Become a Doc.” KRLA BEAT (Los Angeles). Vol. 1, No. 29

(October 2, 1965). Farren, Mick. “You Don’t Come Back from Dead Man’s Curve.” New Musical Express (January

11, 1975).

www.jananddean-janberry.com Articles © 2001-2003 Mark Anderson Moore. All rights reserved.

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