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HERNIS at NorShipping 2005

When the NorShipping Exhibition took place in Oslo in June 2005, HERNIS was represented with demo

German agents Klaus Kutscher and im Kutsche , Marine & Offshore Equipment together with HERNIS Marketing Director

om Cantero.

equipment, among other the PT40 Thermal Camera and the SeaTouch Graphic User Interface.The exhibi- tion was as usual a great success with a lot of activity all week. Our booth was visited by many known and potential customers.

Advanced Service Agent Seminar

Agent Seminar in Arendal

We were pleased to welcome 15 of our Sales Agents from 11 coun- tries to the Agent Seminar in Norway on 22nd –24th August 2005. The agenda was set with educatio- nal information and cases as well as product training – all to further prepare them for their job as sales agents. It all led to informative dis- cussions and debates. Some ele- ments were up for alteration and immediate actions were taken to effectuate the improvements sug- gested. It was an interesting and eventful week with a good mix of educational and social activities. Thank you all for now – see you next year!

From left: Sylvester Chong, N. U. Baek, Jerome Brown, Alberto Lucas, Andrew Umney and Kevin McLean.

From left back: om Cantero, Barry Rising, Harald Sinske, im Kutsche , Leonard Pool, Jerry Bourgeault, Roland de Roys, Ali Malekanian, Egil N. Olsen. From left front: Anne Rising, Eric Shin, Per Björk, Sandra Limere and Birger Carlson. Also attending the semina , but not in the picture: Ruud Muise, Hans Dekker and Peer Heideman.

A selected group of Service Agents were invited HERNIS on June, 6th 8th 2005 to undergo some intensi- ve product training.These agents have already completed the basic training program for light repair and service.This course, however included the HERNIS 400 System – Hardware and Software, settings and configurations, combined with practical exercises.As a result these agents are authorised for Level 2 i.e. performing service and com- missioning equipment installations on standard HERNIS equipment.

Business associates at HERNIS Seminar

Some of our subcontractors and HERNIS employees on board the S/K Boy Leslie before setting out to sea.

The HERNIS tradition of inviting subcontractors and customers to the HERNIS facilities in Arendal is of great importance to increase the competence of the business collaboration and for mutual under- standing of needs and demands.

Norwegian customers were invited to a seminar on 17th June 2005, and on June 22nd 2005 the subcontractors were welcomed to

one day of information and activities. On both events, HERNIS gave thorough information about new products and market information and everybody was taken on a tour around our factory. In addition, HERNIS presented their vision for the future to ensure a goal-oriented course. Both days ended with sailing in the idyllic skerries of Arendal followed by a lovely dinner.

HERNIS Scan Systems AS manufactures CCTV (closed circuit television) systems for marine, offshore and petroleum related installations onshore. Established to produce CCTV systems for marine environments in 1982, the company is wholly owned by Vislink Plc., listed in the UK techMARK Index. HERNIS has appointed agents around the world.


Part of the Vislink Plc.

P.O. Box 619, NO-4809 Arendal, Norway, Tel: +47 37 06 37 00, Fax: +47 37 06 37 06, E-mail: cctv@hernis.no, www.hernis.com Singapore office: 6 Changi North Street 1, Spanners Building, Singapore 498825,Tel: +65 654 59 068, Fax: +65 654 29 068


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