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Ashland United Methodist Church

2711 Ashland Ave. ~ St. Joseph, MO 64506

Phone: 816-279-7419 Fax: 816-279-6930 After Hours Pastoral Care: 816-279-0372 Email: ashland@stjoelive.com Web: www.aumcfamily.org Weekday Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Sunday Worship Times: Traditional: 7:55 AM & 11:10 AM Contemporary: 9:05 AM

Return Service Requested

Gary DeWitt, Senior Pastor Tere DeWitt, Associate Pastor Adrian Gray, Director of Youth Ministries Kathy Cordero, Director of Children’s Ministries Shaun Agnew, Director of Music & Worship Arts Alma Thackery, Director of Fiscal Ministries Christine Barber, Office Manager Sara Mahaffy, Organist Jamie LaJoie, Custodian Robyn Rogers, Custodian

A Message from Our Pastor

The Little Things Matter

I keep credit card receipts. When we get our credit card statement I compare the amounts listed on the statement from the credit card company to the amounts on the receipts I’ve kept. When everything checks out I dispose of the receipts.

That might sound like a rather tedious and needless thing to do, but it’s allowed me to find two errors in the past few months! Twice in the past few months we’ve eaten at different restaurants, put the bill and the tip on our credit card, and later found that the restaurant turned in an amount to the credit card company that was a dollar or two higher! One of those restaurants was in Kansas City and the other was here in St. Joseph. When we called the restaurants to inform them of the discrepancy, one gave us a free meal and the other gave us back our dollar, but when called on it both restaurants understood without doubt these little things matter.

It’s true of churches as well as restaurants. The little things matter. Thank you for the little things you do to help us attend to the little things. Sometimes I ―catch you‖ doing those little things you do, but I know you do so many little things on so many different occasions and I don’t ―catch you in the act.‖ Maybe nobody sees, but you pick up the litter, straighten the offering envelopes in the back of the pew, smile at the children, bring the supplies for InterServ, etc., anyway…

It matters. It makes a difference. Thank you, and bless you.


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