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From My Bookshelf

By Marvin Fine

You just never know where you might discover a good book. I found such a treasure tucked away in a unique store that included a book section while we were vacationing in Branson. The reason that the book caught my attention was one of the author’s names, Thomas Kinkade. Readers might recognize the name as the renowned landscape painter and artist whose works are highly regarded and sought. You might even have a Thomas Kinkade painting in your home. But do you have a Thomas Kinkade book?

This month’s selection is the first in a series of books by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer. The title of the first book is the town’s namesake, Cape Light. Cape Light is a small, seaside community in New England, north of Boston. I found the town and its characters very much like those from another series that I had recommended, The Mitford Series. Cape Light is the first in a series of ten titles.

Cape Light is described as ―a little town you’ve never been to, but know it and its people by heart.‖ The town is a slow paced, close knit community, even old-fashioned in lots of ways. It has a rich heritage that is protected by its inhabitants. It is a town where life moves at a slower pace, where everyone knows everyone (and their back- grounds), and cares about/for one another. And, yes, there are family secrets and broken relationships with which some of the characters struggle. As Thomas Kinkade describes them, ―They tend to their homes. They work in the shops. They play in the parks. They pray in the churches. They struggle. They rejoice. They live. They love. They have learned to find joy in the simple blessings of everyday life. Yet their lives are not without challenges, fears, and even sadness. They learn how the power of faith, hope, and love can work to change them for the better.‖

You will enjoy getting to meet and know the mayor Emily Warwick, her sister Jessica, and their eccentric mother Lillian. You will meet the Reverend Ben Lewis and his wife Carolyn. You will meet Sam Morgan, one of nine children, and his sister Molly. You will meet Charlie Bates and his wife Lucy, owners of the town diner. You will get a peek into Grace’s Bramble Shop and its treasures.

This book is one that you will likely find hard to put aside once you start reading it. I think that you will find it as enjoyable as I have. And so the story begins with Chapter 1 –―It was hard to come back again. This time it was harder than usual. As Jessica Warwick headed north, she could almost feel the pull of Boston behind her.‖

Until next month, read a good book and share it with someone. I usually carry a book with me that I am reading and often get asked about what I am reading! God Bless and good reading. Thought For The Day from an Upper Room devotional: ―People of faith are God’s caring presence in the world.‖ (Colossians 3:1-12)

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