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1. After a class of passive networks by Dr.O.J. Zobel (Otto Julius Zobel, Oct 20, 1887 - Jan 1970) working at Bell Labs, NY, USA, in 1920s, eg. O. J. Zobel, Theory and Design of Uniform and Composite Electric Wave Filters, Bell Tel. Sys.Tech. J., vol. 2, pp. 1-46, Jan 1923.

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    presently in Kimber woven cables.

  • 3.

    Walt Jung (ed.), Analog Devices Systems Application Guide, 1993, ch.8,

    • p.


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    An R+C network having values scaled to perform damping, dissipatory

and impulse-control duties.

5. 'Fast' is a relative term in electronics; here it means with a duration of under 1 microsecond, and in this and other instances, below 1 nanosecond (the period of one cycle at 1000 Megacycles per second, or 1GHz.).This distinction is made, as spike or transient generally infers not just a brief event, but also one with a steeply rising wavefront, where both 'brief' and 'steep' are again, unless defined, relative terms.

6. Directionality measurements, using the proprietary scheme devised by Ben Duncan, were performed during the development of a test apparatus for Kimber Kable Inc (akin to what was presented in Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Sept 2000, in BD’s investigative ‘Black Box’ column, reprinted compilation available).

7. Ben Duncan, High Performance Audio Power Amplifiers, Newnes/Elsevier, 1996, hardback ref. book, ch.5, section 5.6.2.

8. Martin Colloms, Cables and RF interference, HIFI CRITIC (journal), Jan & Feb 2010.This article includes original and authoritative measurements of RF in speaker cables, including with and without a Zapperator, viz. Figures 18a and 18b, that broadly dovetail with the simulation predictions.

Zapperator & Mini Zapperator

Concept & Audio/RF design: Production Engineering in UK:

Ben Duncan (BD Research) Paul Houlden & Associates (Houlden Law Fowler)

This paper was publically issued, with revisions, on 5th July 2010, after associate review.

© November 2009 Ben Duncan Research - UK & Russ Andrews Accessories Ltd

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