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Stabilizing Function of the Protein Fis Dunja Skoko, Jie Yan, Reid C. Johnson, and John F. Marko Published 8 November 2005 208101

Passive All-Optical Force Clamp for High-Resolution Laser Trapping William J. Greenleaf, Michael T. Woodside, Elio A. Abbondanzieri, and Steven M. Block Published 8 November 2005 208102

Finding the Center Reliably: Robust Patterns of Developmental Gene Expression Martin Howard and Pieter Rein ten Wolde Published 9 November 2005 208103

Coupled Dynamics of RNA Folding and Nanopore Translocation Ralf Bundschuh and Ulrich Gerland Published 10 November 2005 208104

Cotransport-Induced Instability of Membrane Voltage in Tip-Growing Cells M. Leonetti, P. Marcq, J. Nuebler, and F. Homble Published 10 November 2005 208105

Molecular Forces in Antibody Maturation Melik C. Demirel and Arthur M. Lesk Published 10 November 2005 208106

Breathers in Two-Dimensional Neural Media S. E. Folias and P. C. Bressloff Published 10 November 2005 208107

Thermodiffusion of Charged Micelles Sébastien Fayolle, Thomas Bickel, Sylvie Le Boiteux, and Alois Würger Published 7 November 2005 208301

Short-Time Inertial Response of Viscoelastic Fluids: Observation of Vortex Propagation M. Atakhorrami, G. H. Koenderink, C. F. Schmidt, and F. C. MacKintosh Published 8 November 2005 208302

Inertial Effects in the Response of Viscous and Viscoelastic Fluids T. B. Liverpool and F. C. MacKintosh Published 8 November 2005 208303

Droplet Traffic at a Simple Junction at Low Capillary Numbers Wilfried Engl, Matthieu Roche, Annie Colin, Pascal Panizza, and Armand Ajdari Published 11 November 2005 208304

Memory in the Occurrence of Earthquakes Valerie N. Livina, Shlomo Havlin, and Armin Bunde Published 10 November 2005 208501

Symmetry, Multistability, and Long- Range Interactions in Brain Development Fred Wolf Published 7 November 2005 208701

November 18, 2005

Volume 95, No. 21 Articles (21xxxx)


Liquids on Topologically Nanopatterned Surfaces Oleg Gang, Kyle J. Alvine, Masafumi Fukuto, Peter S. Pershan, Charles T.


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