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Black, and Benjamin M. Ocko Published 16 November 2005

Computer Simulation of Nematic Reentrance in a Simple Molecular Model Enrique de Miguel and Elvira Martín del Río Published 17 November 2005 217802

Spontaneous and Reversible Switch from Amphiphilic to Oil-Like Structures Frédéric Pincet, David Tareste, Martine Ben Amar, and Éric Perez Published 15 November 2005 218101

Coarse-Grained Model of Proteins Incorporating Atomistic Detail of the Active Site Marilisa Neri, Claudio Anselmi, Michele Cascella, Amos Maritan, and Paolo Carloni Published 16 November 2005 218102

Correlated Dynamics Determining X- Ray Diffuse Scattering from a Crystalline Protein Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulation Lars Meinhold and Jeremy C. Smith Published 17 November 2005 218103

Can One Predict DNA Transcription Start Sites by Studying Bubbles? Titus S. van Erp, Santiago Cuesta- Lopez, Johannes-Geert Hagmann, and Michel Peyrard Published 17 November 2005 218104

Long-Ranged Attraction between Charged Polystyrene Spheres at Aqueous Interfaces

Wei Chen, Susheng Tan, Tai-Kai Ng, Warren T. Ford, and Penger Tong Published 15 November 2005 218301

Model for the Distribution of Aftershock Interoccurrence Times Robert Shcherbakov, Gleb Yakovlev, Donald L. Turcotte, and John B. Rundle Published 16 November 2005 218501

November 25, 2005

Volume 95, No. 22 Articles (22xxxx)


Collapse of Coherent Quasiparticle S t a t e s i n θ - ( B E D T - T T F ) 2 I 3 O b s e r v by Optical Spectroscopy K. Takenaka, M. Tamura, N. Tajima, H. Takagi, J. Nohara, and S. Sugai Published 23 November 2005 227801 e d

Compaction of Single-Chain DNA by Histone-Inspired Nanoparticles Anatoly A. Zinchenko, Kenichi Yoshikawa, and Damien Baigl Published 21 November 2005 228101

Optimized Interactions for Targeted Self-Assembly: Application to a Honeycomb Lattice Mikael C. Rechtsman, Frank H. Stillinger, and Salvatore Torquato Published 21 November 2005

Diagnosis of Weaknesses in Modern Error Correction Codes: A Physics Approach M. G. Stepanov, V. Chernyak, M. Chertkov, and B. Vasic Published 22 November 2005 228701


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