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and James A. Glazier Published 10 October 2005 (10 pages) 041909

Velocity half-sphere model for multiple light scattering in turbid media S. Menon, Q. Su, and R. Grobe Published 11 October 2005 (9 pages) 041910

Automatic network coupling analysis for dynamical systems based on detailed kinetic models Dirk Lebiedz, Julia Kammerer, and Ulrich Brandt-Pollmann Published 12 October 2005 (8 pages) 041911

Model study of prionlike folding behavior in aggregated proteins Yong-Yun Ji, You-Quan Li, Jun-Wen Mao, and Xiao-Wei Tang Published 12 October 2005 (6 pages) 041912

Retrieval-time properties of the Little-Hopfield model and their physiological relevance Sebastián Risau-Gusman and Marco A. P. Idiart Published 12 October 2005 (7 pages) 041913

Microrheological detection of protein unfolding Raymond S. Tu and Victor Breedveld Published 13 October 2005 (5 pages) 041914

Hierarchical structure analysis describing abnormal base composition of genomes Zhengqing Ouyang, Jian-Kun Liu, and Zhen-Su She Published 14 October 2005 (9 pages) 041915

Morphogen gradient formation in a complex environment: An

anomalous diffusion model Gil Hornung, Brian Berkowitz, and Naama Barkai Published 17 October 2005 (10 pages) 041916

Segmentation algorithm for DNA sequences Chun-Ting Zhang, Feng Gao, and Ren Zhang Published 17 October 2005 (6 pages) 041917

Elasticity of semiflexible polymers in two dimensions Ashok Prasad, Yuko Hori, and Jané Kondev Published 18 October 2005 (7 pages) 041918

Statistical physics models for nacre fracture simulation Phani Kumar V. V. Nukala and Srđan Šimunović Published 19 October 2005 (9 pages) 041919

Pattern formation on the surface of cationic-anionic cylindrical aggregates Y. S. Velichko and M. Olvera de la Cruz Published 19 October 2005 (4 pages) 041920

Phase-field approach to three- dimensional vesicle dynamics Thierry Biben, Klaus Kassner, and Chaouqi Misbah Published 20 October 2005 (15 pages) 041921

Tradeoff between short-term and long-term adaptation in a changing environment Robert Forster and Claus O. Wilke Published 20 October 2005 (6 pages) 041922

Density functional theory approach for coarse-grained lipid bilayers


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