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Published 1 November 2005 (7 pages) 051903

Adsorption-induced conformational changes in protein diffusion- aggregation surface assemblies Delphine Pellenc, Olivier Gallet, and Hugues Berry Published 2 November 2005 (9 pages) 051904

Glucose metabolism and oscillatory behavior of pancreatic islets

  • H.

    Kang, J. Jo, H. J. Kim, M. Y. Choi, S.

  • W.

    Rhee, and D. S. Koh

Published 2 November 2005 (12 pages) 051905

Signal buffering in random networks of spiking neurons: Microscopic versus macroscopic phenomena Julien Mayor and Wulfram Gerstner Published 3 November 2005 (5 pages) 051906

Self-regulating gene: An exact solution J. E. M. Hornos, D. Schultz, G. C. P. Innocentini, J. Wang, A. M. Walczak, J. N. Onuchic, and P. G. Wolynes Published 4 November 2005 (5 pages) 051907

Laser photothermoacoustic heterodyned lock-in depth profilometry in turbid tissue phantoms Ying Fan, Andreas Mandelis, Gloria Spirou, I. Alex Vitkin, and William M. Whelan Published 4 November 2005 (11 pages) 051908

Nonlinear dynamics of homeothermic temperature control in skunk cabbage, Symplocarpus foetidus Takanori Ito and Kikukatsu Ito

Published 7 November 2005 (6 pages) 051909

Predictions and simulations of cortical dynamics during natural sleep using a continuum approach M. T. Wilson, M. L. Steyn-Ross, D. A. Steyn-Ross, and J. W. Sleigh Published 7 November 2005 (14 pages) 051910

Stochastic resonance in the mechanoelectrical transduction of hair cells John F. Lindner, Matthew Bennett, and Kurt Wiesenfeld Published 7 November 2005 (4 pages) 051911

Ventricular dilation as an instability of intracranial dynamics

  • R.

    Bouzerar, K. Ambarki, O. Balédent,

  • G.

    Kongolo, J. C. Picot, and M. E. Meyer

Published 8 November 2005 (13 pages) 051912

Lubricating bacteria model for the growth of bacterial colonies exposed to ultraviolet radiation Shengli Zhang, Lei Zhang, Run Liang, Erhu Zhang, Yachao Liu, and Shumin Zhao Published 8 November 2005 (8 pages) 051913

Dynamic instability of microtubules: Effect of catastrophe-suppressing drugs Pankaj Kumar Mishra, Ambarish Kunwar, Sutapa Mukherji, and Debashish Chowdhury Published 9 November 2005 (14 pages) 051914

One-dimensional model of yeast prion aggregation K. C. Kunes, D. L. Cox, and R. R. P. Singh


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