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Published 9 November 2005 (8 pages) 051915

Topographic voltage and coherence mapping of brain potentials by means of the symbolic resonance analysis Peter beim Graben, Stefan Frisch, Andrew Fink, Douglas Saddy, and Jürgen Kurths Published 11 November 2005 (6 pages) 051916

Delayed excitatory and inhibitory feedback shape neural information transmission Maurice J. Chacron, André Longtin, and Leonard Maler Published 14 November 2005 (11 pages) 051917

Speeding up a single-molecule DNA device with a simple catalyst Yufang Wang, Y. Zhang, and N. P. Ong Published 15 November 2005 (6 pages) 051918

Improvement on a simplified model for protein folding simulation Ming Zhang, Changjun Chen, Yi He, and Yi Xiao Published 16 November 2005 (6 pages) 051919

Fast heat propagation in living tissue caused by branching artery network

  • V.

    V. Gafiychuk, I. A. Lubashevsky, and

  • B.

    Y. Datsko

Published 18 November 2005 (5 pages) 051920

Generation of dynamic structures in nonequilibrium reactive bilayers Ramon Reigada, Javier Buceta, and Katja Lindenberg Published 18 November 2005 (11 pages) 051921

Block structured dynamics and neuronal coding J. M. González-Miranda Published 18 November 2005 (8 pages) 051922

Elasticity theory and shape transitions of viral shells T. T. Nguyen, Robijn F. Bruinsma, and William M. Gelbart Published 21 November 2005 (19 pages) 051923

Analytical theory of the stochastic dynamics of the power stroke in nonprocessive motor proteins H. J. Woo and Christopher L. Moss Published 28 November 2005 (10 pages) 051924

Gompertz mortality law and scaling behavior of the Penna model J. B. Coe and Y. Mao Published 28 November 2005 (5 pages) 051925

Synthesizing bird song D. Zysman, J. M. Méndez, B. Pando, J. Aliaga, F. Goller, and G. B. Mindlin Published 28 November 2005 (8 pages) 051926

Multistability of reentrant rhythms in an ionic model of a two- dimensional annulus of cardiac tissue Philippe Comtois and Alain Vinet Published 29 November 2005 (11 pages) 051927

Unfolding dynamics of the protein ubiquitin: Insight from simulation Shubhra Ghosh Dastidar and Chaitali Mukhopadhyay Published 29 November 2005 (10 pages) 051928


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