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Session A29: Experimental Techniques in Biophysics DBP Mon Chair: J. P. Landry room - 326 8:00AM 01: The healing mechanism for excited molecules near metallic surfaces B. Barbiellini, P.M. Platzman 8:12AM 02: Pulse-shaping and Fourier Transform Techniques in Multiphoton Microscopy Jennifer Ogilvie, Delphine

D\'{ebarre, Emmanuel Beaurepaire, Antigoni Alexandrou, Manuel Joffre 8:24AM 03: MutY: optimized to find DNA damage site electronically? Jong-Chin Lin, Daniel Cox, Rajiv Singh 8:36AM 04: Templated biomineralization on self assembled protein fibers S. Palmaccio, K. Subburaman, N. Pernodet, S.-Y.

Kwak, E. DiMasi, S. Ge, N.L. Yang, M. Rafailovich 8:48AM 05: Advances in energy filtered electron tomography for quantitative 3-D phosphorus imaging of cell nuclei Maria A.

Aronova, Guofeng Zhang, Richard D. Leapman 9:00AM 06: Adaptive wave-front correction for multi-photon microscopy using coherence-gated wave-front sensing Markus

Rueckel, Winfried Denk 9:12AM 07: Label-free optical detection of protein binding on small-molecule ligand microarrays Y. S. Sun, J. P. Landry, X.

D. Zhu, T. Bao, K. S. Lam 9:24AM 08: Dynamic Dimensional Analysis of In-Vivo Microorganisms Using Polarized Light Scattering Willem Van De

Merwe, Jozsef Czege 9:36AM 09: Fast Cooling and Vitrification of Aqueous Solutions for Cryopreservation Matt Warkentin, Naji Husseini,

Viatcheslav Berejnov, Robert Thorne 9:48AM 10: Active and Passive Microscopic Viscoelastic Response in Poly(Ethylene) Oxide Solutions Olga Latinovic, H.

Daniel Ou-Yang 10:00AM 11: Specifically Detect Vascular Endothelia Growth Factor (VEGF) with Micro Cantilever Resonator Jianhua Gu,

Debin Li, David Lederman, Jarod Kabulski, Peter Gannett, Daniel Flynn 10:12AM 12: Serial Crystallography: imaging single proteins at a synchrotron David Shapiro, John Spence, R. Bruce Doak,

Dmitri Starodub, Uwe Weierstal, Henry Chapman, Stefano Marchesini, Malcolm Howells 10:24AM 13: Structural investigations of human hairs by spectrally resolved ellipsometry Benjamin Schulz, D. Chan, M.

Ruebhausen, S. Wessel, R. Wepf 10:36AM 14: Evanescent Wave Excitation and Raman Spectroscopy of Bacteriorhodopsin on Gallium Nitride Waveguide

Structures Alfons Schulte, Sonya Ortiz, Alfred Keller, April Pope, Yu Guo, Heidi Hockel, Eric Johnson 10:48AM 15: Probing Protein Structural Dynamics Using Microfluidic Diffusional Mixer Based FT-MIR Micro-Spectroscopy

Peter Galajda, Robert Austin, Jarmila Gurjarro, Jesus Vega, Cyrus Arian, Aihua Xie

Session B7: Bionanotechnology: Application and Fundamental Aspects of Processes at Nano-scale

DBP DCMP Mon Chair: Zuzanna S. Siwy, Mon rm 11:15AM 01: Ion Channels as Nanodevices Robert Eisenberg 11:51AM 02: Fluctuation driven active molecular transport in passive channel proteins Ioan Kosztin 12:27PM 03: Pressure-driven DNA polymer transport in microfluidic and nanofluidic channels Derek Stein 1:03PM 04: The Transportation System Inside a Living Cell Clare Yu 1:39PM 05: Bio-functionalized Nanotube Membranes For DNA Separation Punit Kohli

Session B13: Focus Session: Spectroscopy of Biomolecules from Isolated Molecules to Cell

Environoment II DCP Mon Chair: Philip Anfinrud Room - 305 11:15AM 01: Structure and Interactions of Isolated Biomolecular Building Blocks. Mattanjah de Vries 11:51AM 02: TBA Martin Jerrold 12:27PM 03: Folding an infinitely long polypeptide into a helical conformation Joel Ireta, Matthias Scheffler 12:39PM 04: The Effect of Terminal Truncation on the Folding Dynamics of Coiled-coil GCN4-p1 Michelle Bunagan, Lidia

Cristian, William DeGrado, Feng Gai 12:51PM 05: Fast Events in Protein Folding following Ultrarapid Mixing Lisa Lapidus, Kimberly Cooper, Emily Tubmann,

David Hertzog, Juan Santiago, Olgica Bakajin 1:03PM 06: Fast diffusive folding dynamics of Tryptophan Zipper peptides Stephen Hagen 1:15PM 07: Sugars in the gas phase John Simons 1:51PM 08: 2D IR measurements of the coupling in transmembrane helix dimers Chong Fang, Lidia Cristian, Alessandro

Senes, William Degrado, Robin Hochstrasser 2:03PM 09: Solvent and Peptide Conformational Fluctuations Revealed with Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy Ziad

Ganim, Andrei Tokmakoff

Session B26: Focus Session: Single Molecule Biophysics: DNA & RNA DBP, DPOLY Mon Chair: Ching-Hwa Kiang- 323 11:15AM 01: Dynamics of molecular motors with finite processivity on heterogeneous tracks David Nelson 11:51AM 02: DNA electrophoresis in Pluronic F127 Seungyong You, David Van Winkle 12:03PM 03: Model for passage time of polymer trough a pore (weak external forces limit) Stanislav Kotsev, Anatoly

Kolomeisky 12:15PM 04: Driven DNA translocation through thin and long nanopores Aniket Bhattacharya, William H. Morrison

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