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12:27PM 05: Conformational Analysis of Single DNA Molecules Undergoing Entropically Induced Motion in Nanochannels.

John Mannion, Christian Reccius, Joshua Cross, Harold Craighead 12:39PM 06: The Physics of Nanoconfined DNA Walter Reisner, Keith Morton, Robert Riehn, Yang Mei Wang, Stephen

Chou, Jonas Tegenfeldt, Robert Austin 12:51PM 07: DNA entropic elasticity for short molecules Jinyu Li, Philip C. Nelson, M. D. Betterton 1:03PM 08: Single Molecule Visualization of DNA in Wicking Flows Chad DeLong, David Hoagland 1:15PM 09: Abundance of pseudoknots in the RNA world Daniel Aalberts, Evan Miller 1:27PM 010: DNA sequencing via transverse electronic transport Johan Lagerqvist, Michael Zwolak, Massimiliano Di Ventra 1:39PM 011: Polymer effects in forced passage of DNA and macromolecules through nanopores Francisco Solis 1:51PM 012: Mapping the phase diagram of DNA force-induced melting in the presence of DNA intercalators Ioana

Vladescu, Micah McCauley, Megan Nunez, Ioulia Rouzina, Mark Williams 2:03PM 13: DNA and RNA unzipping using nanopore force spectroscopy Amit Meller, Jerome Mathe, Meni Wanunu, Barak

Akabayov, Irit Sagi

Session B28: Experimental Techniques in Biomaterials Science DBP Mon Chair: Kevin Hewitt Room - 325 11:15AM 01: Dual-beam Oscillating Optical Tweezers-Based 3-D Confocal Microrheometer Jing Wang, Chuan Pu, H. Daniel

Ou-Yang 11:27AM 02: Integrated Fiber-optic Dipping-probe Microfluorometer Robert W. Gammon, Vildana Hodzic, Christopher C.

Davis 11:39AM 03: Characterization of RNase Immobilization at Surfaces by NEXAFS Xiaosong Liu, Chang-Hyun Jang, Fan

Zheng, Astrid Jurgensen, Nicholas L. Abbott, F.J. Himpsel 11:51AM 04: Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of a hydrophilic ligand (tiopronin) adsorbed on gold nanoparticles. Joel

St.Aubin, Kevin Hewitt 12:03PM 05: Employing Grating Couplers in Biosensors Amal Kasry, Wolfgang Knoll 12:15PM 06: 15nm diameter upconversion nanophosphors as bio-labels. Shuang Fang Lim, Robert Riehn, Chih-kuan Tung,

Robert H. Austin, Nora Khanarian, William S. Ryu, David Tank 12:27PM 07: Thermal Stability, and Curvature Dependence of Bovine Serum Albumin on Gold Nanoparticles Using

Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Jonathan Teichroeb, James Forrest, Valentina Ngai 12:39PM 08: High Q RF Resonant Cavity for Detecting Biological Tissue Nonlinearities Vildana Hodzic, Robert W. Gammon,

Quirino Balzano, Christopher C. Davis 12:51PM 09: Micromachined piconewton force sensor for biophysics investigations Steven Koch, Gayle Thayer, Alex

Corwin, George Bachand, Maarten de Boer

Session B29: Focus Session: Micro-Organism Motility DBP GSNP Mon Chair: Udo Erdman, Mon rm - 325 11:15 01: Direct measurement of the propulsion efficiency of bacterium Escherichia Coli Suddhashil Chattopadhyay, Radu

Moldovan, Chuck Yeung, Xiao-lun Wu 11:27AM 02: Modeling the motion of microscale synthetic swimmers Alexander Alexeev, Victor Yashin, Rolf Verberg, Anna

Balazs 11:39AM 03: Detecting the gravitational sensitivity of Paramecium caudatum using magnetic forces Karine Guevorkian,

James M Valles Jr. 11:51AM 04: Precise adaptation in chemotaxis through "assistance neighborhoods" Robert Endres, Ned Wingreen 12:03PM 05: Cellular individuality in the gradient sensing response of Dictyostelium Azadeh Samadani, Jerome Mettetal,

Alexander van Oudenaarden 12:15PM 06: How does Dicty find its way? Erin Rericha, Carole Parent, Wolfgang Losert 12:27PM 07: Dictyostelium Discoideum Chemotaxis: Threshold for Directed Motion Eberhard Bodenschatz 1:03PM 08: Impact of Helicobacter Pylori on Mucus Rheology Jonathan Celli, Sarah Keates, Ciaran Kelly, Bradley Turner,

Rama Bansil, Shyamsunder Erramilli 1:15PM 09: The effect of viscosity on the contraction of the stalk of Vorticella Convallaria Deependra Kantha, David Van

Winkle 1:27PM 10: Optimal Foraging Strategy: Angle Matters Udo Erdmann, Sebastian Goller, Igor M. Sokolov, Lutz Schimansky-

Geier 1:39PM 11: Nonlinear electromagnetic responses of active molecular motors in live cells and organelles Dharmakirthi

Nawarathna, Jeffrey Gardner, Gustavo Cardenas, David Warmflash, John Miller, William Widger, James Claycomb 1:51PM 12: Mechanism of formin-associated actin filament elongation Dimitrios Vavylonis, David R. Kovar, Ben

O'Shaughnessy, Thomas D. Pollard 2:03PM 13: Spreading of neutrophils: from activation to migration Helim Aranda-Espinoza, Kheya Sengupta, Lee Smith, Paul

Janmey, Daniel Hammer

Session D9: Methods in Nanobiotechnology DBP Mon Chair: Ido Braslavsky Mon rm- 301 2:30PM 01: Nanomechanical Devices for Single Molecule Biophysics Michael Roukes 3:06PM 02: Single Molecule Dynamics of Polymers Confined in Nanochannels Robert Austin 3:42PM 03: Surface-Mounted Artificial Dipolar Molecular Rotors Josef Michl

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