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4:18PM 04: Mapping Protein Transport in Living Cells with Quantum Dots and Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation Spectroscopy Paul Wiseman 4:54PM 05: STM Manipulation of Nanoscale Biomolecules Saw-Wai Hla

Session D13: Focus Session: Spectroscopy of Biomolecules from Isolated Molecules to Cell

Environoment III DCP Mon Chair: Megan Spence Room - 305 2:30PM 01: Imaging of protein partitioning in plasma membranes with coexisting fluid phases Tobias Baumgart 3:06PM 02: Spectroscopic Characterization of ssDNA Brushes D. Y. Petrovykh, A. Opdahl, H. Kimura-Suda, M. J. Tarlov, L.

J. Whitman 3:18PM 03: Detection of beta-Amyloid Peptide Dimer in Solution by Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Jun Han,

Erwen Mei, Mei-Ping Kung, Hank Kung, Hai-Lung Dai 3:30PM 04: Nanolaser Spectroscopy of Genetically Engineered Yeast: New Tool for a Better Brew? Paul L. Gourley, Judy K.

Hendricks, Robert K. Naviaux, Michael P. Yaffe 3:42PM 05: The Influence of Environment on the Reactivity, Dynamics and Spectroscopy of B12 Coenzymes. Roseanne

Sension, D. Ahmasi Harris, Elizabeth Carroll, Andrew Stickrath 3:54PM 06: "Single molecule views of Nature's nano-machines" Taekjip Ha 4:30PM 07: Time-Resolving Protein Superstructure Disassembly at the Single Particle Level Jason Puchalla, Kelly Krantz,

Julie Viehweg, Hays Rye, Peter Galajda, Robert Austin 4:42PM 08: Study of DNA uptake locations in single E. coli cells C. Shan Xu, L. Meadow Anderson, Haw Yang 4:54PM 09: Real-Time, Nonlinear Optical Probe of Molecular Transport across Living Escherichia coli Cell Membranes Jia

Zeng, Heather Eckenrode, Hai-Lung Dai 5:06PM 10: Photon-by-Photon Determination of Emission Bursts from Diffusing Single Chromophores Kai Zhang, Haw Yang 5:18PM 11: Quantum cooperative process in living cells Robert Finkel

Session D26: Focus Session: Dynamics of Nuclei Acid-Protein Interaction: Single Molecule DBP DPOLY Mon Chair: Mark C. WiIliams Mon Rm- 323 2:30PM 01: Probing Nucleosome Remodeling by Unzipping Single DNA Molecules Michelle Wang 3:06PM 02: Binding Study of T7 Gene 2.5 Protein to Single- and Double--Stranded DNA from Single Molecule Stretching

Leila Shokri, Boriana Marintcheva, Charles C. Richardson, Mark C. Williams 3:18PM 03: Dynamics of Protein-DNA Interactions probed with Laser Temperature-Jump and Time-Resolved FRET

Measurements. Serguei Kuznetsov, Paula Vivas, Sawako Sugimura, Donald Crothers, Anjum Ansari 3:30PM 04: Inferring the in vivo looping properties of DNA. Jose Vilar, Leonor Saiz, Miguel Rubi 3:42PM 05: DNA kept under tension reveals mechanochemical properties of protein reaction pathways Gijs Wuite 4:18PM 06: A Model for Folding and Aggregation in RNA Secondary Structures Vishwesha Guttal, Ralf Bundschuh 4:30PM 07: Mechanism of gene-regulating protein’s diffusion along DNA: hopping vs. sliding Yan Mei Wang, Edward Cox,

Robert Austin 4:42PM 08: Protein jamming on DNA Zeba Wunderlich, Michael Slutsky, Mehran Kardar, Leonid Mirny 4:54PM 09: Single-molecule Study of Nucleocapsid Protein Chaperoned DNA Hairpin Structural Dynamics Yining Zeng,

Gonzalo Cosa, Hsiao-Wei Liu, Christy Landes, Dmitrii Makarov, Paul Barbara, Karin Musier-Forsyth 5:06PM 10: Mechanism of Nucleic Acid Chaperone Function of Retroviral Nuceleocapsid (NC) Proteins Ioulia Rouzina, My-

Nuong Vo, Kristen Stewart, Karin Musier-Forsyth, Margareta Cruceanu, Mark Williams 5:18PM 11: Fis protein induced lambda $F-DNA bending observed by single-pair fluorescence resonance energy transfer Fu

Chi-Cheng, Fann Wunshain, Yuan Hanna S.

Session D29: Molecular Machines and Motors DBP GSNP Mon Chair: Dean Astumian Mon Rm - 326 2:30PM 01: Processivity of helicase-induced DNA strand separation M. D. Betterton, F. Julicher 2:42PM 02: A nanojet: propulsion of a molecular machine by an asymmetric distribution of reaction--products Tanniemola

Liverpool, Ramin Golestanian, Armand Ajdari 2:54PM 03: Twirling of Actin by Myosins II and V John F. Beausang, Harry W. Shroeder, James A. Gilmour, Yale E.

Goldman 3:06PM 04: Synthetic Motors and Nanomachines. Amar Flood 3:42PM 05: Track Switching and Crossing by Microtubule Motors. Jennifer Ross, Karen Wallace, Henry Shuman, Erika

Holzbaur, Yale Goldman 3:54PM 06: Collective dynamics of molecular motors pulling on fluid membranes Jaume Casademunt, Otger Campas, Yariv

Kafri, Konstantin B. Zeldovich, Jean-Francois Joanny 4:06PM 07: Entropic pulling: how Hsp70 chaperones translocate proteins through membrane pores Paolo De Los Rios, Anat

Ben-Zvi, Olga Slutsky, Abdussalam Azem, Pierre Goloubinoff 4:18PM 08: Biological motors: Conventional and Unconventional Myosins Yale E. Goldman 4:54PM 09: A single polymer Brownian motor Matthew Downton, Martin Zuckermann, Erin Craig, Michael Plischke, Heiner

Linke 5:06PM 10: Imaging and Manipulation of Nanocars by STM A.J. Osgood, Y. Shirai, Y. Zhao, J.M. Tour, K.F. Kelly 5:18PM 11: Physical mechanism of the nuclear pore transport. A. Zilman, S. di Talia, M. Magnasco, M. Rout, B. Chait

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