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Session G13: Focus Session: Spectroscopy of Biomolecules from Isolated Molecules to Cell

Environoment IV DCP Tues Chair: Tobias Baumgart room - 305 8:00AM 01: Laser spectroscopy probes of biomolecular conformation: Valley-to-valley searches for molecular-scale

mountain passes Timothy Zwier 8:36AM 02: Ultrafast dynamic exchange of hydrogen bonds Robin Hochstrasser 9:12AM 03: PS Dynamics and Dephasing Times of Internal Amino Acids in Proteins Robert Austin, Aihua Xie, Britta Redlich,

Lex van der Meer 9:24AM 04: Probing the conformation of DNA by time-resolved fluorescence Anita Jones, Robert Neely, Eleanor Bonnist,

David Dryden, Dalia Daujotyte, Saulius Grazulis, Saulius Klimasauskas, Thomas Lenz, Elmar Weinhold 9:36AM 05: Conformational Structure Determination of Biomolecules in the Gas Phase using Broadband Fourier Transform

Microwave Spectroscopy Brooks Pate, Gordon Brown, Brian Dian, Kevin Douglass, David Pratt, Leonardo Alvarez 9:48AM 06: Probing secondary structures of peptide chains using gas phase laser spectroscopy Michel Mons 10:24AM 07: Permanent Electric Dipole Moments of Four Tryptamine Conformers in the Gas Phase. A New Diagnostic of

Structure and Dynamics. David Pratt, Tri V. Nguyen 10:36AM 08: Thermodynamics of Membrane Proteins: Kinetics Dipti Sharma, Atin Mandel, Jose Arguello, Germano

Iannacchione 10:48AM 09: Conformational Isomerism in 1-Heptanal Jonathan M. Fisher, Li-Hong Xu, R.D. Suemran, Brooks Pate, Kevin


Session G26: Trapping of Nanoscale Biological Objects DBP Tues Chair: W. E. Moerner Mon Rm - 120 8:00AM 01: The Anti-Brownian Electrokinetic Trap (ABEL trap) Adam Cohen 8:36AM 02: The ac electrokinetic elongation mechanism of DNA. Christoph Walti, Andre Germishuizen, Paul Tosch,

Clemens Kaminski, Giles Davies 8:48AM 03: Tracking-FCS: Correlation Spectroscopy of Individual Particles Andrew Berglund, Hideo Mabuchi 9:00AM 04: Flexible polymers under spherical confinement Angelo Cacciuto, Erik Luijten 9:12AM 05: Dynamic effects in alignment of biological macromolecules for diffraction experiments. D. Starodub, U.

Weierstall, K. Schmidt, R. B. Doak, P. Fromme, J. C. H. Spence 9:24AM 06: Directed Cell Assembly with Magnetic Nanowires Edward J. Felton, Marcie Jaffee, Daniel H. Reich, Christopher

S. Chen 9:36AM 07: Tracking Protein-coated Particles in 3D. Enrico Gratton 10:12AM 08: A Device of Tracking a Single Nanometer-Sized Particle in 3D with Nanometer Resolution and Millisecond

Response Time. Hu Cang, C. Shan Xu, Daniel Montiel, Haw Yang 10:24AM 09: Nanoscale molecular traps Chia-Fu Chou, Qihuo Wei, Jian Gu, Frederic Zenhausern, Nathan Swami 10:36AM 10: Internal Structure, Fluctuations and Micromechanical Properties of Bovine Arterial Endothelial Cells: An Optical

Tweezers Study Carolyn Perretta, Sheena Farrell, Olga Latinovic, H. Daniel Ou-Yang 10:48AM 11: Atomic force microscopy electrostatic nanolithography for proteins study in wiseana iridovirus and barley

chromosomes Ewa Rowicka, Olga Mayevska, Sergei Lyuksyutov, Megumi Sasou, Shigeru Sugiyama

Session G29: Physical and Engineering Constraints on the Function of Biological Systems DBP Tues Chair: Partha Mitra Room - 326 8:00AM 01: A Framework for Globular Proteins Timothy Lezon 8:36AM 02: Chiral Heterorecognition of Organic Molecules and Inorganic Surfaces Thomas Greber, Richard Schillinger,

Joachim Wider, Zeliko Sljivancanin, Bjork Hammer 8:48AM 03: Nucleotide Mutation and Amino Acid Evolution Jose Parra, Bernard Gerstman 9:00AM 04: Quantitative modeling and data analysis of SELEX experiments Marko Djordjevic, Anirvan M. Sengupta 9:12AM 05: Low Temperature IPD AgO Bacterial Static / Bactericidal Coatings for Various Medical Applications Daniel

Storey 9:24AM 06: Energy Dependence of Cancer Cell Irradiation Rachel Black 9:36AM 07: Calibration Of A System For Energy Dependence Study Of Cancer Cell Irradiation Ariano Munden 9:48AM 08: John Doyle 10:24AM 09: Radiation Damage From Mono-energetic Electrons Up to 200 keV On Biological Systems Yuriy Prilepskiy 10:36AM 10: The cost of linearization Danielle Morel, William B Levy 10:48AM 11: Fast noniterative biexponential fluorescence lifetime imaging in the investigation of phagocyting neutrophyls

Raluca Aura Niesner

Session H7: Nanopore Biophysics DBP Tues Chair: Xinsheng Sean Ling Room - 307 11:15AM 01: Interaction of DNA and Proteins with Single Nanopores John Kasianowicz 11:51AM 02: Force measurements on a DNA molecule inserted into a solid-state nanopore Cees Dekker 12:27PM 03: Protein unraveling through a single protein nanopore Liviu Movileanu 1:03PM 04: Detecting Single DNA and Proteins Using a Solid-state Nanopore Device Jiali Li

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