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1:39PM 05: Microscopic Kinetics of DNA Translocation through Synthetic and Biological Nanopores Aleksei Aksimentiev

Session H29: Focus Session: Physical Aspects of Morphogenesis: Computational Approaches DBP Tues Chair: Shane Hutson Room - 326 11:15AM 01: From Genes to Morphogenetic Movements: How Cell-level Modeling Makes such Connections Possible G.

Wayne Brodland 11:51AM 02: Myxobacteria Fruiting Body Formation Yi Jiang 12:27PM 03: Growth and condensation in the chick limb bud using the Cellular Potts Model Nikodem Poplawski 12:39PM 04: Quantifying the Intercellular Forces during Drosophila Morphogenesis Xiaoyan Ma, M. Shane Hutson 12:51PM 05: Mechanisms of Biological Neural Network Development H.G.E Hentschel 1:03PM 06: Upregulation of Tissue Dynamics in Response to UV Laser Perturbations Xomalin G. Peralta, Y. Toyama, S.

Venakides, D. P. Kiehart, G. S. Edwards 1:15PM 07: Pattern Scaling Achieved by Oppositely Directed Morphogen Gradients Peter McHale, Wouter-Jan Rappel,

Herbert Levine 1:27PM 08: Shape and Size of the Fission Yeast Nucleus are governed by Equilibrium Mechanics Gerald Lim, Greg Huber,

Jonathan Miller, Shelley Sazer 1:39PM 09: A surprising answer in the search for a comprehensive health protection exposure metric for radiofrequency (RF)

fields Marjorie Lundquist 1:51PM 010: Nonlinear Analysis of Electromyography Time Series of Low Back Muscles Ulrich Zurcher, Kaufman Miron,

Paul Sung

Session K7: New Methods and Algorithms for Biomolecular Modeling DBP Tues Chair: Christopher Roland Room - 307 2:30PM 01: Adaptive Biasing Force Method for Vector Free Energy Calculations Eric Darve 3:06PM 02: New Distributed Multipole Methods for Accurate Electrostatics for Large-Scale Biomolecular Simultations

Celeste Sagui 3:42PM 03: Flexibility in Biomolecules: Beyond Molecular Dynamics. Michael Thorpe 4:18 PM 04: Enhanced conformational sampling via novel variable transformations and very large time-step molecular

dynamics Mark E. Tuckerman 4:54PM 05: Reaction Path Reaction path potential for complex biomolecular systems derived from mixed QM/MM methods

Weitao Yang

Session K26: Focus Session: Single Molecule Biophysics I DPB DCMP Tues Chair: David Nelson ROOM 323 2:30PM 01: Conformational Dynamics of Adenylate Kinase: The Effects of Temperature and Mutation on Friction, Memory,

and Reactivity Lucas Watkins, Karl Duderstadt, Sucharita Bhattacharyya, Haw Yang 2:42PM 02: Single Human Plasma Fibrinogen Molecule Imaging by PEEM and AFM Xianhua Kong, Jacob Garguilo, Crissy

Rhodes, Robert Nemanich 2:54PM 03: Probing the low-resolution dynamics of biopolymers under force Ruxandra Dima, Changbong Hyeon, D.

Thirumalai 3:06PM 04: Motion of single MreB bacterial actin proteins in Caulobacter show treadmilling in vivo W.E. Moerner, SoYeon

Kim, Zemer Gitai, Anika Kinkhabwala, Harley McAdams, Lucy Shapiro 3:18PM 05: Co-operative unfolding of protein domains Buddhapriya Chakrabarti, Tanniemola B. Liverpool, Alex J. Levine 3:30PM 06: Quantitative analysis of tethered particle motion Philip Nelson, Chiara Zurla, Darren Segall, Doriano Brogioli,

Rob Phillips, David Dunlap, Laura Finzi 3:42PM 07: The Role of Fluctuations in Enzymatic Activity Steven Chu 4:18PM 08: Protein Unfolding Energy Determined by Jarzynski's Equality Ching-Hwa Kiang, Nolan Harris, Leiming Li, Yang

Song, Wei Liao 4:30PM 09: Protein folding in a force-clamp Marek Cieplak, Piotr Szymczak 4:42PM 10: Using a Microcantilever Array for Detecting DNA Melting Sibani Biswal, Digvijay Raorane, Alison Chaiken, Arun

Majumdar 4:54PM 11: Exploring the Electrical Conductivity of Cytochrome P450 by Nano-Electrode and Conductive Atomic Force

Microscopy Debin Li, Jianhua Gu, Yewhee Chye, David Lederman, Jarod Kabulski, Peter Gannett, Timothy Tracy 5:06PM 12: Traveling wave tracking of individual molecular motors Irene Dujovne, M. van den Heuvel, C. Symonds, G.

Cappello, Cees Dekker 5:18PM 13: Steering and Trapping Multiple Particles by Feedback Flow Control: Theory and Experiments Mike Armani, Satej

Chaudhary, Roland Probst, Benjamin Shapiro

Session K29: Proteins Structure and Function DBP Tues Chair: F. A. Ferrone,Room - 326 2:30PM 01: Biochemical Reversal of Aging John T.A. Ely 2:42PM 02: A Unified Approach to Sickle Hemoglobin Gelation and Phase Separation F.A. Ferrone, M.U. Palma, M.B.


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