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2:54PM 03: Fluorescence photocycle of GFP studied by trapping phototransformation intermediates Georgi Georgiev,

Timothy Sage, Jasper van Thor 3:06PM 04: Mechanisms of triggering H1 helix in prion proteins unfolding revealed by molecular dynamic simulation Chih-

Yuan Tseng, HC Lee 3:18PM 05: Analyzing knots in protein structures Peter Virnau, Mehran Kardar, Leonid Mirny 3:30PM 06: Designing novel kinases using evolutionary sequence analysis Areez Mody, Joan Weiner, Lakshman Iyer,

Sharad Ramanathan 3:42PM 07: Phase Diagram for Urate Oxidase Nathaniel Wentzel, James D. Gunton 3:54PM 08: Inter-Domain Dynamics in a Two-Domain Protein Studied by NMR Yaroslav Ryabov, David Fushman 4:06PM 09: Thermostability and mechanics of molecular complexes in bacterial signal transduction K. Hamacher, T. Hwa,

J.A. McCammon 4:18PM 10: Discovering the recognition code bacteria use to sense their environment by tracking co-evolutionary patterns

Bacteria typically posses tens of distinct signaling pathways that allow the organism to translate diverse environmental conditions into action Robert White, Terry Hwa, Jim Hoch 4:30PM 11: Simple Model of Sickle Hemoglobin Andrey Shiryayev, Xiaofei Li, James Gunton 4:42PM 12: Fluorescence microscopy studies of the hyperactive antifreeze protein from an insect N. Pertaya, C. L. Di

Prinzio, L. Wilen, E. Thomson, J. S. Wettlaufer, C. B. Marshall, P. L. Davies, I. Braslavsky 4:54PM 13: Antifreeze Protein Binds Irreversibly to Ice I. Braslavsky, N. Pertaya, C. L. Di Prinzio, L. Wilen, E. Thomson, J. S.

Wettlaufer, C. B. Marshall, P. L.. Davies 5:06PM 14: Self-assembly of type 1 collagen : Interaction between normal and mutant collagen Sejin Han, Wolfgnag Losert

Session L7: Flexible Molecular Recognition: The New Paradigm DBP Tues Chair: Jin Wang Room - 307 5:45PM 01: Mis-folding and self-association: opportunities for alternative modes of self-recognition during the folding of TIM

barrel proteins Robert Matthews 6:21PM 02: Dynamics of enzymes. Magnetic resonance methods Dorothee Kern 6:57PM 03: Protein kinases/signal transduction: structure/function Susan S. Taylor 7:33PM 04: Flexible protein-protein interactions Patricia A. Jennings 8:09PM 05: Single Molecule Dynamics Reveals the Role of Flexibility in Bio-molecular Recognition Jin Wang

Session N26: DNA and Protein Analysis with Micro and Nano Fluidics DBP DFD Wed Chair: Steven Quak Room - 323 8:00AM 01: Formation of bi-nanopores in silicon chips Sang Ryul Park, Hongbo Peng, X. S. Ling 8:12AM 02: Fabrication of nanopores in wax using laser-induced shrinking Shanshan Wu, Sang Ryul Park, X. S. Ling 8:24AM 03: Ion Valence and Solution Temperature Effects on DNA Translocations in Solid-State Nanopores James

Uplinger, Daniel Fologea, Jiali Li 8:36AM 04: DNA in nanofluidic devices Robert Riehn 9:12AM 05: Nanoscale electrical detection of DNA Chih-kuan Tung, Robert Reihn, Lukas Urban, Ali Yazdani, Robert Austin 9:24AM 06: DNA Translocation Dependence on Ionic Solution Concentration in a Solid-State Nanopore Device Brian

Thomas, Daniel Fologea, Jiali Li 9:36AM 07: DNA size and conformations analysis using a synthetic nanopore Daniel Fologea, James Uplinger, Brian

Thomas, Bradley Ledden, Eric Brandin, Daniel Branton, Jiali Li 9:48AM 08: Microfluidic Protein Crystallography Carl Hansen 10:24AM 09: Statics and Dynamics of Single DNA Molecules Confined in Nanoslits Po-Keng Lin, Chi-Cheng Fu, Y.R. Chen,

Wunshain Fann, C.H. Kuan 10:36AM 10: Slowing down DNA translocation using magnetic and optical tweezers Hongbo Peng, Shanshan Wu, Sang

Ryul Park, Andrew Potter, X. S. Ling 10:48AM 11: Patterned Periodic Nanofilter Array for Continuous-Flow Bimolecular Separation Jianping Fu, Jongyoon Han

Session N29: Physical Models of Ion Channel Function DBP Wed Chair: Bob Eisenberg Room - 326 8:00AM 01: The metabolic energy cost of action potential velocity Patrick Crotty, Thomas Sangrey, William Levy 8:12AM 02: The Dependence of Ionic Conduction on the Dielectric Properties of Ion Channels Marco Saraniti, David

Marreiro, Shela Aboud 8:24AM 03: Rocking and Flashing Ratchet Mechanisms of Ion Current Rectification in Asymmetric Nanopores in the

Presence of Calcium Zuzanna Siwy, Matthew Powell, Eric Kalman, Bob Eisenberg 8:36AM 04: Ion selectivity in the ryanodine receptor and other calcium channels. Dirk Gillespie 9:12AM 05: Modeling Activity: Ions to Hydrophobics in Crowded Biological Solutions Montgomery Pettitt 9:24AM 06: Entropy driven insulator-metal crossover in ion channels and water filled nanopores Jingshan Zhang, Alex

Kamenev, Boris Shklovskii, Anatony Larkin 9:36AM 07: Measurement of gating forces of mechanosensitive channels of large conductance in Escherichia coli Elvis

Pandzic, Paul Wiseman, Maria Kilfoil 9:48AM 08: Calculating Ion Permeation through Biological Channel Proteins Rob Coalson 10:24AM 09: Morphometric approach to selectivity and gating of ion channels Roland Roth

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