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Session P7: Physics of Transcriptional Regulatory Networks GSNP DBP Wed Chair: Joshua Socolar, Room - 307 11:15AM 01: Programming bacterial dynamics by synthetic killer circuits Linchong You 11:51AM 02: Molecules, nonlinearity, and function in regulatory networks. Nicolas Buchler 12:27PM 03: Combinatorial Regulation in Yeast Transcription Networks Hao Li 1:03PM 04: Gene expression dynamics during cell differentiation: Cell fates as attractors and cell fate decisions as

bifurcations Sui Huang 1:39PM 05: Network theory and prediction of regulatory switches Alexei Vazquez

Session P26: Protein Dynamics in Folding and Function DBP DCP Wed Chair: Robert Callendar ROOM - 323 11:15AM 01: NMR Studies of Enzyme Structure and Mechanism Albert Mildvan 11:27AM 02: Interference between relaxation and parameters for protein structural determination Eva de Alba 11:39AM 03: Multiple Quantum Relaxation Probes of Protein Dynamics on Multiple Timescales Ranajeet Ghose 11:51AM 04: A Plastic Explosive-Degrading EnzymeAnne-Frances Miller 12:03PM 05: Protein-Protein Interactions during Bacterial Chemotaxis using Methyl TROSY Nuclear Magnetic

Resonance.Damon Hamel, Frederick Dahlquist 12:15PM 06: Structural Basis for Specific Membrane Targeting by the HIV-1 Gag Protein. Michael F. Summers 12:27PM 07: Vinculin Tail Dimerization and Paxillin Binding Sharon Campbell 12:39PM 08: Protein dynamics and allostery Babis Kalodimos 12:51PM 09: Protein Dynamics in an RNA Binding Protein Kathleen Hall 1:03PM 10: Axial Rotation of Lipids in Membranes Richard Pastor 1:15PM 11: High Resolution Field Cycling NMR in Biopolymers in Solution: Current and Potential Applications. Alfred


Session P29: Biomolecular Structure and Functions DBP Wed Chair: Suzanna Zsiwy ROOM - 326 11:15AM 01: Interactions between model bacterial membranes and synthetic antimicrobials. Lihua Yang, Abhijit Mishra,

Abhigyan Som, Gregory N. Tew, Gerard C.L. Wong 11:27AM 02: Observation of membrane fusion between individual virus particles and supported lipid bilayers Laura Wessels,

Keith Weninger 11:39AM 03: Simulating Domain Formation and Fusion in Lipid Bilayers Mark Stevens 11:51AM 04: Lipid Coupling in Asymmetric Supported Lipid Bilayers Revealed by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy

Yan Yu, Liangfang Zhang, Steve Granick 12:03PM 05: Dissipative Particle Dynamics Simulation of Structure Properties of Lipid Micelles Jinsuo Zhang, Yi Jiang 12:15PM 06: Anomalously Slow Domain Growth in Membranes with Asymmetric Transbilayer Lipid Distribution Mohamed

Laradji, P.B. Sunil Kumar 12:27PM 07: Molecular simulation studies of tail-length effects in mixed-lipid bilayers James Kindt, Jason de Joannis,

Fuchang Yin, Frank Yong Jiang, Hao Wang 12:39PM 08: Stabilization of Model Membrane Systems by Disaccharides. Quasielastic Neutron Scattering Experiments and

Atomistic Simulations Emmanouil Doxastakis, Victoria Garcia Sakai, Satoshi Ohtake, Janna K. Maranas, Juan J. de Pablo 12:51PM 09: Protein crystals on phase-separating model membranes Ajay Kulkarni, R.M. Kannan 1:03PM 10: Model systems to investigate the effect of cholesterol on the transfection efficiency of lipoplexes Alexandra

Zidovska, Heather M. Evans, Kai Ewert, Cyrus R. Safinya 1:15PM 11: Had a drink last night? How alcohol interacts with biological membranes Mikko Karttunen, Michael Patra, Emppu

Salonen, Emma Terama, Ilpo Vattulainen, Roland Faller, Bryan Lee, Juha Holopainen 1:27PM 12: Solid domain rafts in lipid vesicles and scars Slava Chushak, Alex Travesset 1:39PM 13: Efficient calculation of mechanical properties of multicomponent phospholipid bilayers with Monte Carlo

simulations Manan Chopra, Emmanouil Doxastakis, Nicholas L. Abbott, Juan J. de Pablo 1:51PM 14: Roughness effect on vesicle adhesion characterised by a novel micropipette-based technique Marie-Josee

Colbert, Adam N. Raegen, Kari Dalnoki-Veress, Cecile Fradin 2:03PM 15: Structure of Cholesterol Helical Ribbons, Self-Assembling Biological Springs. B. Khaykovich, C. Hossain, A.

Lomakin, J. McManus, D. E. Moncton, G. B. Benedek

Session R1: Cytoskeletal Dynamics and Mechanics DCMP DBP Wed Chair: Gerard Wong ROOM - Ballroom IV 2:30PM 01: Structural organization and dynamics of the cytoskeletal network Tatyana Svitkina 3:06PM 02: Active Polar Gels: a paradigm for cytoskeletal dynamics Frank Julicher 3:42PM 03: Elasticity, adhesion and actin based propulsion Ajay Gopinathan 4:18PM 04: Fluorescent Speckle Microrheology Margaret Gardel 4:54PM 05: Nonlinear Elasticity in Biological Gels Cornelis Storm

Session R7: The Experimental and Theoretical Foundations of Evolution DBP FEd FPS

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