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Wed Chair: Herbert Levine, ROOM - 307 2:30PM 01: Evolutionary ecology of E. coli metapopulations in patchy landscapes Juan Keymer 3:06PM 02: Life has Evolved to Evolve Michael Deem 3:42PM 03: Can Evolution Be Understood Quantitatively? Daniel S. Fisher 4:18PM 04: (Fill or move Shapiro up) 4:54PM 05: Genome Evolution in the 21st Century James Shapiro

Session R21: Focus Session: Biological Hydrodynamics DFD DBP Wed Chair: Ray Goldstein ROOM - 318 2:30PM 01: Large-scale pattern formation in active particles suspensions: from interacting microtubules to swimming

bacteria Igor Aranson 3:06PM 02: Elastic swimming I: Optimization Eric Lauga, Tony Yu, Anette Hosoi 3:18PM 03: Elastic swimming II: Experiments Tony Yu, Eric Lauga, Anette Hosoi 3:30PM 04: Stress-induced reversal of flagellar propulsion: an ingredient of quorum polarity of {\it Bacillus subtilis L.

Cisneros, C. Dombrowski, R.E. Goldstein, J.O. Kessler 3:42PM 05: Effects of nonlinear membrane elasticity on capsule recovery Andres Gonzalez-Mancera, Charles Eggleton 3:54PM 06: Rotating states of two-dimensional self-propelling particles Hsuan-Yi Chen, Keung-Tai Leung 4:06PM 07: Balancing energy input and viscous dissipation in the Zooming BioNematic J.O. Kessler, R.E. Goldstein, R.

Cortez 4:18PM 08: Multicellularity and the Functional Interdependence of Motility and Molecular Transport C. Solari, S. Ganguly,

J.O. Kessler, R. Michod, R.E. Goldstein 4:30PM 09: Flagella-Driven Flows Circumvent Diffusive Bottlenecks that Inhibit Metabolite Exchange Martin Short, Cristian

Solari, Sujoy Ganguly, John Kessler, Raymond Goldstein, Thomas Powers 4:42PM 10: Measurement of Flow Patterns and Dispersion in the Human Airways Frank E Fresconi, Ajay K Prasad 4:54PM 11: On small insect flight -- a two-dimensional study Paulo Ferreira de Sousa 5:06PM 12: Wake characteristics of a model ornithopter Alfredo Juarez, Jacob Harlow, James Allen, Paulo Ferreira de

Sousa 5:18PM 13: Vertical hovering of a symmetric flapping model Makoto Iima, Tatsuo Yanagita

Session R26: Focus Session: Counterion Dynamics in Charged Biopolymer Systems DBP, DPOLY Wed Chair: Alex Travesset ROOM - 323 2:30PM 01: Counterion liquids between biological polyelectrolytes Gerard Wong 3:06PM 02: Bjerrum Pairing Correlations at Charged Interfaces Alex Travesset, David Vaknin 3:18PM 03: Charged Polymers in Electric Fields Roland Netz 3:54PM 04: Migration of DNA on electrically inhomogeneous surfaces Eric Petersen, Bingquan Li, Vladimir Samuilov,

Xiaohua Fang, Jonathan Sokolov, Miriam Rafailovich 4:06PM 05: Evidence for High Conductivity in the Pili of Geobacter sulfurreducens: ``Nano-wires'' in a Prokaryotic Electron

Transport Chain? Kevin D. McCarthy, Gemma Reguera, Teena Mehta, Julie S. Nicoll, Xinyu Wang, Mark T. Tuominen, Derek R. Lovley 4:18PM 06: Dynamical Transition of the Protein Observed in Terahertz Dielectric Response Jing-Yin Chen, Joseph Knab,

Andrea Markelz 4:30PM 07: Terahertz dielectric response dependence on protein melting and hydration Yunfen He, J.R. Knab, B. Shah,

A.G. Markelz 4:42PM 08: Inorganic Surface and Structure Adhesion of Amino Acids and Peptides LaRue Dunkleberger, Robert Willett,

Loren Pfeiffer 4:54PM 09: Interactions between the HIV-TAT transduction domain and cell membranes Abhijit Mishra, Gerard Wong 5:06PM 10: Temperature Effects on Threshold Counterion Concentration to Induce Aggregation of fd Virus Qi Wen, Jay

Tang 5:18PM 11: Ion Distribution around DNA: Can Transitions Be Observed? Kurt Andresen, Lisa Kwok, Xiangyun Qiu, Hye

Yoon Park, Jessica Lamb, Lois Pollack

Session R28: Focus Session: Biological Networks: Structure, Dynamics and Function DBP Wed Chair: Chao Tang ROOM - 325 2:30PM 01: Unraveling Biological Design Principles Using Engineering Methods: The Heat Shock Response as a Case

Study Hana El-Samad 3:06PM 02: Network growth models and genetic regulatory networks Joshua Socolar, David Foster, Stuart Kauffman 3:18PM 03: Bistability of the naturally induced lactose utilization system of Escherichia coli Jelena Stajic, Michael Wall 3:30PM 04: Origins of sloppiness in biological models. Joshua Waterfall, Fergal Casey, Ryan Gutenkunst, Kevin Brown,

Christopher Myers, James Sethna 3:42PM 05: Function Constrains Topology. Chao Tang, Wenzhe Ma, Qi Ouyang 3:54PM 06: Stability tuned: Analysis of a gene network with counteracting feedback loops. Murat Acar, Attila Becskei,

Alexander van Oudenaarden 4:06PM 07: The social cost of partisanship Sam Seaver, Robert Malmgren, Andre Moreira, Daniel Diermeier, Luis Amaral 4:18PM 08: Differentiation at the single cell level: slow, noisy, and out of control Michael Elowitz 4:54PM 09: The Structure of Parasites in Food Webs Christopher Warren, Mercedes Pascual

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