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5:06PM 10: Quantitative study of gene regulation mediated by small RNA Erel Levine, Thomas Kuhlman, Zhongge Zhang,

Terence Hwa 5:18PM 11: Quantitative Dissection of a Bacterial Promoter: Cooperativity, Sensitivity, and Combinatorial Control Thomas

Kuhlman, Zhongge Zhang, Milton Saier, Terence Hwa

Session R29: Biomolecular Structure and Function DBP Wed Chair: Sonya Bahar ROOM - 326 2:30PM 01: The Impact of Cholesterol on Lateral Organization in a Three-Species Non-Equilibrium Model of a Biomembrane

Andrew P. Paradis, Susan R. McKay, Samuel T. Hess 2:42PM 02: Lipid Bilayers and Titanium: Controlling Surface Adsorption Linda S. Hirst, Emily Parker, Noel C. MacDonald,

Cyrus R. Safinya 2:54PM 03: Growth and Morphology of Solid-like Domains in Binary Giant Lipid Vesicles Paul Beales, Vernita Gordon, Zhijun

Zhao, Stefan Egelhaaf, Wilson Poon 3:06PM 04: Laser Tweezer Deformation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles Cory Poole, Jozsef Meszaros, Kumar Senthil,

Wolfgang Losert 3:18PM 05: Nanoscale characterization of solid-supported phospholipid multilayer films Wilfred Ngwa, Andrew Gao, Tania

Cubano, Kezheng Chen, Alok Sahgal, Weili Luo 3:30PM 06: A quasi-elastic neutron scattering study of the stabilization of freeze-dried cholesterol-containing DPPC

liposomes by trehalose V. Garcia Sakai, M. Doxastakis, A.S. Reddy, J. de Pablo, J.K. Maranas 3:42PM 07: A Density Functional Theory Study of the Non-local Correlations between Nucleic Acid Base Pairs Valentino R.

Cooper, Timo Thonhauser, David C. Langreth 3:54PM 08: Formation of Swollen Micelles and Invert Swollen Micelles: A Computer Simulation Study Hongxia Guo, Monica

Olvera de la Cruz 4:06PM 09: Low Temperature Orbital Paramagnetism in B-DNA Michael J. Harrison 4:18PM 10: Kinetic Modelling of Transcription Elongation Daibhid O'Maoileidigh, Vasisht Tadigotla, Anirvan Sengupta, Vitaly

Epshtein, Richard Ebright, Evgeny Nudler, Andrei Ruckenstein 4:30PM 11: Understanding spontaneous sharp bending of DNA Chongli Yuan, Elizabeth Rhoades, Lynden Archer 4:42PM 12: The role of stacking interactions in the folding dynamics of DNA hairpins Marta Sales-Pardo, Jon Widom, Luis

Amaral 4:54PM 13: Thermodynamic Model of Transcription Elongation Vasisht Tadigotla, Daibhid O'Maoileidigh, Anirvan Sengupta,

Vitaly Epshtein, Richard Ebright, Evgeny Nudler, Andrei Ruckenstein 5:06PM 14: The role of telomere dynamics in aging and cancer Krastan Blagoev, Edwin Goodwin 5:18PM 15: Optical Investigation of the Phases of Liquid Crystals of Nanoscale Duplex DNA Giuliano Zanchetta, Michi

Nakata, Tommaso Bellini, Noel Clark

Session T7: Physics, Chemistry and Biology of the Hydrophobic Effect DBP Wed Chair: Chao Tang ROOM - 307 5:45PM 01: The Hydrophobic Effect ab initio Je-Luen Li 6:21PM 02: Hydrophobic Effects as Seen in Lattice Models Benjamin Widom 6:57PM 03: Hydrophobicity at small and large length scales David Chandler 7:33PM 04: Modeling water, hydrophobic interactions, and polymer collapse Thomas Truskett

Session U17: Physics and imaging in medicine DBP Thurs Chair: Steven Avery ROOM - 313 8:00AM 01: Careers in Medical Physics and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine Howard Amols 8:48AM 02: International Standardization of the Clinical Dosimetry of Beta Radiation Brachytherapy Sources: Progress of an

ISO Standard Christopher Soares 9:24AM 03: Medical Physics Graduate Program At An HBCU Paul Gueye

Session U26: Focus Session: Cytoskeletal Dynamics GSNP DBP DPOLY Thurs Chair: Christina Marchetti ROOM - 323 8:00AM 01: Isotropic, nematic and polarized states in active motor-filament solutions Aphrodite Ahmadi, M. Cristina

Marchetti, Tanniemola B. Liverpool 8:12AM 02: Rheology of active polymer solutions M. Cristina Marchetti, Tanniemola B. Liverpool 8:24AM 03: Thermally Controlling the Polymeric Cytoskeleton in Living Cells Chao-Min Cheng, Philip LeDuc 8:36AM 04: How to detect single cancer cell? Nadine Pernodet, Jessica Fields, Lenny Slutsky, Taylor Bernheim, Kaustabh

Ghosh, Shouren Ge, Miriam Rafailovich 8:48AM 05: The Effects of Chronological Age on the Cellular Mechanics of Human Dermal Fibroblasts Z. Pan, V. Hung, S.

Kambhampati, S.R. Ge, M. Rafailovich, K. Ghosh, R. Clark, Y.J. Liu, T. Nakamura, X.Z. Shu, G. Prestwich 9:00AM 06: Interplay between crosslinkers and dynamic molecular motor-induced instabilities in the moderation of

biopolymer organization David Smith, David Humphrey, Falko Ziebert, Walter Zimmermann, Josef K\"{as 9:12AM 07: The mechanics of cell protrusion Gaudenz Danuser 9:48AM 08: Tensile Force Generation by Actin-Myosin Networks Anders Carlsson 10:00AM 09: Simulation of Actin-Polymerization Near Moving Surface Kun-Chun Lee, Andrea Liu

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