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10:12AM 10: The Fysics of Filopodia (or The Physics of Philopodia) Jen Schwarz, Ajay Gopinathan, Kun-Chun Lee, Andrea

Liu, Louise Yang 10:24AM 11: Lipid-Protein Nanotubes with Open or Closed Ends, Microtubules Bundles and Inverted Tubulin Nanotubes Uri

Raviv, Daniel J. Needleman, Miguel A. Ojeda-Lopez, Youli Li, Herb P. Miller, Leslie Wilson, Cyrus R. Safinya 10:36AM 12: The mechanics of cell crawling over a flat surface Baldomero Alonso-Latorre, Javier Rodriguez-Rodriguez,

Alberto Aliseda, Rudolf Meili, Richard Firtel, Juan Lasheras 10:48AM 13: Micromechanical Properties of Endothelial Cell Cytoskeleton Meron Mengistu, Linda Lowe-Krentz, H. Daniel


Session U28: Focus Session: Biological Hydrodynamics DBP DFP Thurs Chair: Steve Quake ROOM - 325 8:00AM 01: Fluidic control over cell proliferation and chemotaxis. Alex Groisman 8:36AM 02: The Conformation of Clathrin Triskelia in Solution Matthew L. Ferguson , Kondury Prasad , Dan L Sackett ,

Hacene Boukari , Eileen M. Lafer , Ralph Nossal 8:48AM 03: A macromolecular model for the endothelial surface layerJames Harden , Darina Danova-Okpetu , Gary Grest 9:00AM 04: Simulation of metachronal wave in a model of pulmonary cilia Sorin Mitran 9:12AM 05: On the Evolution of Voltage Gated Ion Channels Michael Brenner 9:48AM 06: Optimization of Anguilliform Swimming Stefan Kern , Petros Koumoutsakos 10:00AM 07: Flow measurement in an in-vitro model of a single human alveolus Sudhaker Chhabra , Ajay Prasad 10:12AM 08: Transport and collective dynamics in suspensions of swimming particles Michael Graham , Juan Hernandez 10:24AM 09: Computational Modeling of Microfluidic Rapid-Mixing Device Used in Infrared Micro-Spectroscopy Mark Dickins

, Jarmila Guijarro , Aihua Xie

Session U29: Focus Session: Nonequilibrium Fluctuation in Biomolecules and Artificial Nanodevices

DBP DPOLY Thurs Chair: Ioan Kosztin ROOM - 326 8:00AM 01: DNA's Liaison with RNA Polymerase – Physical Consequences of a Twisted Relationship Igor Kulic, Phil Nelson 8:12AM 02: Enhanced Fano factor in a molecular transistor coupled to phonons and Luttinger-liquid leads So Takei, Yong

Baek Kim, Aditi Mitra 8:24AM 03: Active-thermodynamics: motion and structural phases of cell membranes Nir Gov 8:36AM 04: Least dissipation principle for single molecule dynamics R. Dean Astumian 9:12AM 05: Multi-scale dynamics and relaxation of a tethered membrane in a solvent by Monte Carlo simulations Ras

Pandey, Kelly Anderson, Barry Farmer 9:24AM 06: Ion distribution inside a nanopore in the presence of a polyelectrolyte Lei Guo, Erik Luijten 9:36AM 07: Measuring the direction of coupling between biological oscillators Jorge Brea, Alexander Neiman, David Russell 9:48AM 08: Applications of the ratchet effect at nano- and mesoscopic scales Boldizsar Janko 10:24AM 09: On-Chip Integration of Cell-Free Gene Expression Amnon Buxboim, Margherita Morpurgo, Maya Bar-Dagan,

Veronica Frydman, David Zbaida, Roy Bar-Ziv 10:36AM 10: Modeling Electric Fields of Peripheral Nerve Block Needles. Kenji Hirose, Nobuhiko Kobayashi 10:48AM 11: ``Burnt Bridge'' Mechanism of Molecular Motor Motion Tibor Antal, Paul Krapivsky

Session V7: Noise in Biological Systems GSNP DBP Thurs Chair: Alex van Oudenaarden ROOM - 307 11:15AM 01: Fluctuation-adaptation relation in bacterial chemotaxis Philippe Cluzel 11:51AM 02: Noise effects in bacterial motor switch Yuhai Tu 12:27PM 03: Noise limitations on E. Coli cell division accuracy Herbert Levine 1:03PM 04: Physical Limits to Biochemical Signaling Sima Setayeshgar 1:39PM 05: Gene expression noise and robustness of signaling in bacterial chemotaxis Victor Sourjik

Session V17: Medical Physics Panel Discussion DBP Thurs Chair: Paul Gueye ROOM - 313 PANEL NSBP (Paul Guèye and Steven Avery), NIH/NIBIB (Richard Baird), NIST (Christopher Soares), AAPM (Howard Amols), ASTRO (Prabhakar Tripuraneni) Jefferson Lab (Stan Majewski and Drew Weisenberger).

Session V26: Cellular Biomechanics DBP DPOLY Thurs Chair: Dapne Manoussaki ROOM - 323 11:15AM 01: Difference in cellular mechanics of cancer and normal cervical cells as seen with the AFM Igor Sokolov,

Swaminathan Iyer, Venkatesh Subba-Rao, Craig Woodworth

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