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11:27AM 02: The Penetration of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles: From Dermal Fibroblasts to Skin Tissue Lauren Sipzner,

Jaimie Stettin, Zhi Pan, Xiaohua Fang, Wilson Lee, Nadine Pernodet, Miriam Rafailovich 11:39AM 03: Curvature-induced microphase separation and lipid polar localization in cell membranes - II Kerwyn Huang,

Ranjan Mukhopadhyay, Ned Wingreen 11:51AM 04: Curvature-induced microphase separation and lipid polar localization in cell membranes - I Ranjan

Mukhopadhyay, Kerwyn Huang, Ned Wingreen 12:03PM 05: Using Optical Tweezers to Study Cell Mechanics during Airway Reopening Huseyin Yalcin, Jing Wang, Samir

Ghadiali, H. Daniel Ou-Yang 12:15PM 06: Probing subcellular force transduction with magnetic soft actuator arrays Alexandre Anguelouch, Stuart

Kirschner, Daniel Reich, Nathan Sniadecki, Christopher Chen 12:27PM 07: Establishing threshold toxicity for introducing magnetic nanoparticles into HeLa and HEK 293 cells Kezheng

Chen, Weili Luo, Pappachan Kolattukuty 12:39PM 08: Modeling cell -- extracellular matrix mechanical interactions during in vitro network formation Daphne

Manoussaki 12:51PM 09: Axon growth and dynamics in 3D collagen gels Ryan McAllister, Will Rosoff, Jeffrey Urbach 1:03PM 10: Investigating the glycocalyx using atomic force microscopy Rebecca Boren, Adam Rafi, Jessica Farrell, Antonio

Peramo, W. Garrett Matthews 1:15PM 11: Local structure in diatom biosilica probed by synchrotron x-ray diffraction Michael DiBiccari, Seo-Young Kwak,

Geoffrey Hind, Elaine DiMasi 1:27PM 12: Bundle Buckling and Nesting Model of Striated Pattern Formation in Microtubule Solutions Yongxing Guo, Yifeng

Liu, James Valles, Jay Tang

Session V29: Nonlinear Phenomena & Pattern Formation in Biology DBP DCMP Thurs Chair: Igor Aronson ROOM - 326 11:15AM 01: Thermally activated escape rate for a Brownian particle in a double-well potential for all values of the

dissipation William Coffey, Yuri Kalmykov, Sergey Titov 11:27AM 02: The spectra of spiral wave breakup Dwight Barkley, Paul Wheeler 11:39AM 03: Pattern Formation without Patterning Proteins in Cyanobacteria Jun Allard, Andrew Rutenberg 11:51AM 04: Experimental studies of large-scale collective swimming in dense suspensions of bacteria Andrey Sokolov, Igor

Aranson, Raymond Goldstein, John Kessler 12:03PM 05: Fiber optical measurements of electrical activity in canine ventricular preparations Amgad Squires, Gisa E.

Luther, Michael Enyeart, Robert F. Gilmour, Eberhard Bodenschatz, Stefan Luther 12:15PM 06: Motion artifact removal in the optical mapping of cardiac tissue Gisa E. Luther, Amgad Squires, Michael W.

Enyeart, Robert F. Gilmour, Eberhard Bodenschatz, Stefan Luther 12:27PM 07: Compact Dynamical Equations for Brain Activity Jong Won Kim, Peter A. Robinson 12:39PM 08: Pattern recognition through collective behaviour in neural networks Jan R. Engelbrecht 12:51PM 09: Modeling of Protein Subcellular Localization in Bacteria Xiaohua Xu, Rahul Kulkarni 1:03PM 10: Quantitative measures for mitotic spindle pattern formation structures Stuart Schaffner, Jorge Jose 1:15PM 11: Stability and Perturbation Analysis on a Model of Cell Chemotaxis Colin McCann, Ron Skupsky, Wolfgang

Losert, Ralph Nossal 1:27PM 12: Raman Correlation Spectroscopy Edward Van Keuren, Maki Nishida 1:39PM 3: A New Paradigm for Nanoparticle Biosensing: Magnetically Driven Critical Phase Slipping Brandon H

McNaughton, Raoul Kopelman 1:51PM 14: Sum frequency generation microscopy for imaging chirality Na Ji, Kai Zhang, Haw Yang, Yuen-Ron Shen 2:03PM 15: Upconversion-Detected Ultrafast Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy Kevin Kubarych, Manuel Joffre

Session W7: Physics of Cell Elasticity, Interactions and Tissue Formation DBP DPOLY Thurs Chair: Philip Nelson RPP< - 307 2:30PM 001: Nucleation and growth of cell contacts Daniel Riveline 3:06PM 02: Integrin activation and cell adhesion by mechanical forces Robijn Bruinsma 3:42PM 03: Cell morphologies depend on substrate rigidity. Paul Janmey 4:18PM 04: Physics of adhesion and elasticity of biological cells S.A. Safran 4:54PM 05: Cell mechanics and human disease states Subra Suresh

Session W26: Biological Photophysics DBP Thurs Chair: J. Timothy Sage ROOM - 323 2:30PM 01: Direct Observation of Thymine Dimer Repair in DNA by Photolyase Dongping Zhong 3:06PM 02: Near-infrared femtosecond laser assisted cell membrane permeabilization Cheng Peng, Robert Palazzo, Ingrid

Wilke 3:18PM 03: Vasan Venugopalan 3:54PM 04: DFT calculation of photo-induced charge transfer in organic molecule Mark Pederson, Tunna Baruah 4:06PM 05: Structural colours in blue-banded bee Jones Wan, Lixiin Dai, Jensen Li, Kwok-Kwong Fung, Che-Ting Chan 4:18PM 06: Wavelength-Dependent Conformational Changes of Collagen in Mid-IR Ablation M. Shane Hutson, Yaowu Xiao,

Mingsheng Guo

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