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4:30PM 07: Novel protection mechanisms against singlet oxygen formation by the Chl a molecule in the cytochrome $b_{6f$

complex of oxygenic photosynthesis Sergei Savikhin, Hanyoup Kim, Naranbaatar Dashdorj, Huamin Zhang, Jiusheng Yan, William Cramer 4:42PM 08: Electrostatic Steering of Functional Dynamics in GFP J. Timothy Sage, Georgi Y. Georgiev, Jasper J. van Thor 4:54PM 09: Terahertz Dielectric Response of Photoactive Yellow Protein (PYP): Influence of Conformational-Vibrational

State during Photocycle and Hydration Effects Joseph Knab, Jing-Yin Chen, Wouter Hoff, Andrea Markelz 5:06PM 10: Novel Photo-Protecticon Mechanisms in Chlorosomes from Green Sulfur Bacterium Chlorobium Tepidum

Hanyoup Kim, Sergei Savikhin, Hui Li, Julia Maresca, Donald Bryant 5:18PM 11: Hydration Dependence of Energy Relaxation Time for Cytochrome C Shuji Ye, Jing-Yin Chen, Joseph R. Knab,

Andrea Markelz

Session W29: Biological Networks and System Biology DBP Thurs Chair: Alexander Neiman ROOM - 326 2:30PM 01: Self-Organization of Networks Via Synchrony-Dependent Plasticity Jack Waddell, Michal Zochowski 2:42PM 02: Phase reduction analysis of coupled neural oscillators: application to epileptic seizure dynamics Daisuke

Takeshita, Yasuomi Sato, Sonya Bahar 2:54PM 03: Effect of Delays and Network Topology in Spatiotemporal Pattern Formation Rhonda Dzakpasu, Michal

Zochowski 3:06PM 04: Inhibitory Synaptic Coupling and Spatiotemporal Synchrony in a Neural Model Roxana Contreras, Sonya Bahar 3:18PM 05: Attentional modulation of stimulus competition in a large scale model of the visual pathway Calin Buia, Paul

Tiesinga 3:30PM 06: Specificity, promiscuity, and the structure of complex information processing networks Christopher Myers 3:42PM 07: Modeling of signal transduction in bacterial quorum-sensing Andrew Fenley, Suman Banik, Rahul Kulkarni 3:54PM 08: Sloppiness is universal in systems biology: making predictions nonetheless Ryan Gutenkunst, Fergal Casey,

Joshua Waterfall, Kevin Brown, Christopher Myers, James Sethna 4:06PM 09: Inference and analysis of gene-regulatory networks in the bacterium B.subtilis Claire Christensen, Anshuman

Gupta, Reka Albert, Costas Maranas 4:18PM 10: Sensitivity-based approach to optimal experimental design in a receptor trafficking and down regulation model

Fergal Casey, Joshua Waterfall, Ryan Gutenkunst, Kevin Brown, Christopher Myers, James Sethna 4:30PM 11: Stochasticity in the Expression of LamB and its Affect on $\lambda $ phage Infection Emily Chapman, Xiao-Lun

Wu 4:42PM 12: Control of lineage stability and its role in resolving cell fates Aryeh Warmflash, Aaron Dinner 4:54PM 13: Role of finite-size fragments in analysis of DNA replication John Bechhoefer, Haiyang Zhang 5:06PM 14: Stochastic dynamics of macromolecular-assembly networks. Leonor Saiz, Jose Vilar 5:18PM 15: Selective advantage for sexual reproduction Emmanuel Tannenbaum

Session W30: Focus Session: Bioploymers at Interfaces DPOLY DBP Thurs Chair: Darrin Pochan ROOM - 327 2:30PM 01: Studies in Biological-Materials Interfaces. Christopher Ober 3:06PM 02: Universality Classes and Unusual Thermodynamics of Unbinding Transitions of Semi-flexible Polymers Confined

to a Surface Leonardo Golubovic, Lianghui Gao 3:18PM 03: Polymer confinement and bacterial gliding motility Junhwan Jeon, Andrey Dobrynin 3:30PM 04: Direct Observation of Biaxial Confinement of a Semi-flexible Filament in a Channel M.C. Choi 3:42PM 05: Conformation of Lysozymes Confined to nano Particles Yuying Wei, R. Kenneth Marcus, Dvora Perahia 3:54PM 06: Interaction forces and surface morphology of microtubule-associated protein tau Kenneth Rosenberg, Jennifer

Ross, Eric Feinstein, Stuart Feinstein, Jacob Israelachvili 4:06PM 07: Surface Plasmon Resonance Studies of Polysaccharide Self-Assembly on Cellulose Abdulaziz Kaya, Alan R.

Esker, Wolfgang G. Glasser 4:18PM 08: Assembly artificial proteins and conjugated porphyrins for biomolecular materials Ting Xu, Joe Strzalka, Shixin

Ye, Sophia Wu, Jiayu Wang, Thomas P. Russell, Michael Therien, J. Kent Blasie 4:30PM 09: Structural Transitions of F-actin Polyelectrolyte Bundles in the Presence of Strongly Size-mismatched Cations

Robert Coridan, Lori K. Sanders, Wujing Xian, Gerard C. L. Wong 4:42PM 10: Defect Induced Morphologies of Biopolymer Bundles Ajay Gopinathan, Mark Henle, Uri Raviv, Daniel

Needleman 4:54PM 11: Polyamine Induced Bundling of F-actin Glenna Z. Sowa, David S. Cannell, Emil Reisler, Andrea J. Liu 5:06PM 12: The fluctuating-rod limit of semiflexible biopolymers Ashok Prasad, Yukoh Hori, Jan\'{e Kondev 5:18PM 13: Statistical and Mechanical Properties of Semiflexible Polymers in an External Field Ya Liu, Bulbul Chakraborty

Session Y1: Engineering Biomolecules and Circuits by Rational Design and Genetic Selection DCMP

DBP Fri Chair: Michael Elowitz, Ballroom IV 8:00AM 01: Molecular Evolution of Gene Expression in E. coli Terry Hwa 8:36AM 02: Tinkering with Genetic Networks In Vivo Calin Guet

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