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9:12AM 03: Directed Evolution of Bacterial Chemoreceptors Mark Goulian 9:48AM 04: Building a cellular oscillator from metabolic and cell signaling components James Liao 10:24AM 05: An artificial cell based on gene expression in vesicle Vincent Noireaux

Session Y26: Focus Session: Physics of Physiological Systems DBP Fri Chair: Peter Jung ROOM - 323 8:00AM 01: Electrical Wave Propagation in a Minimally Realistic Fiber Architecture Model of the Left Ventricle\ Xianfeng

Song, Sima Setayeshgar 8:12AM 02: Scaling behavior and a Markov model for ventricular fibrillation generated by ectopic beats Harold Hastings,

Steven Evans, Alex Zaharakis, Christian Hilaire 8:24AM 03: Indeterminacy and Image Improvement in Snake Infrared ``Vision'' J. Leo van Hemmen 8:36AM 04: Diffusion Weighted MRI and MRS to Differentiate Radiation Necrosis and Recurrent Disease in Gliomas Lars

Ewell 8:48AM 05: Modeling the statistics of elementary calcium release events Ghanim Ullah, Peter Jung 9:00AM 06: Calcium Signaling enhancement during oocyte maturation Peter Jung, Ghanim Ullah, Khaled Machaca 9:12AM 07: Functional Complexity of Biological Networks Eshel Ben-Jacob 9:48AM 08: A model for the volume regulatory mechanism of the Airway Surface Layer Michael Lang, Michael Rubinstein, C.

William Davis, Robert Tarran, Richard Boucher 10:00AM 09: Development of dielectric biosensors for diagnostic applications Christopher Bassey 10:12AM 10: Analytical model of induced transmembrane potentials in cells and organelles Vijayanand Vajrala, James

Claycomb, John H. Miller, Jr. 10:24AM 11: Phase locking in driven integrate-and-fire neuron models Christopher Bedell, Jan R. Engelbrecht 10:36AM 12: The Influence of Environment Geometry on Injury Outcome: I. Cervical Spine Saami J. Shaibani 10:48AM 13: Flux Analysis of Hypoxia Response Network. Yihai Yu, Rahul Simha, Frank Turano, Chen Zeng

Session Y29: Focus Session: Noise and Fluctuation in Biological Systems DBP Fri Chair: Peter Jung ROOM- 326 8:00AM 01: How stability can lead to variability: An example from eukaryotic gene expression Gabor Balazsi, William Blake,

Farren Isaacs, Kevin Murphy, James J. Collins 8:12AM 02: How stability can lead to variability: Induction timecourse of a eukaryotic gene William Blake, Gabor Balazsi,

Farren Isaacs, Kevin Murphy, Yina Kuang, David R. Walt, James J. Collins 8:24AM 03: Origins of extrinsic variability in eukaryotic gene expression Dmitri Volfson, Jennifer Marciniak, William J. Blake,

Natalie Ostroff, Lev S. Tsimring, Jeff Hasty 8:36AM 04: Noisy cellular decision-making: from temporal to spatial choices Alexander van Oudenaarden 9:12AM 05: Absolute Rate Theories of Epigenetic Stability Aleksandra M. Walczak, Jose N. Onuchic, Peter G. Wolynes 9:24AM 06: Noise and correlations in genes silenced by small RNA. Terence Hwa, Erel Levine 9:36AM 07: A model for codon position bias in RNA editing Ralf Bundschuh, Tsunglin Liu 9:48AM08: From Asymmetric Exclusion Processes to Protein SynthesisJiajia Dong, Beate Schmittmann, Royce K.P. Zia 10:00AM 09: Intrinsic Fluctuations, Robustness and Tunability in Signaling Cycles. Joseph Levine, Hao Yuan Kueh, Leonid

Mirny 10:12AM 10: The Nature of Memory Objects in the Brain Pierre-Gilles de Gennes 10:48AM 11: Resource allocation in neural networks for motor control J. Milton, J. Cummins, J. Gunnoe, M. Tollefson, J.L.

Cabrera, T. Ohira

Session Y30: Focus Session: Biopolymers I: Phase Transitions DPOLY DBP Fri Chair: Jose Onuchic ROOM 327 8:00AM 01: Temperature and Pressure effects on folding/unfolding of proteins Angel Garcia 8:36AM 02: The energy landscape for folding and function Jose Onuchic 9:12AM 03: RNA folding inside a virus capsid and dimensional reduction. Rouzbeh Ghafouri, Robijn Bruinsma, Joseph

Rudnick 9:24AM 04: On the Melting Transition of RNA David Schwab, Robijn Bruinsma 9:36AM 05: Trapping and Condensig DNA at the Air/Water Interface Jaime Ruiz-Garcia 9:48AM 06: Insight into the Helix-to-Coil Transition in DNA Boualem Hammouda 10:00AM 07: Diffusion of Isolated DNA molecules: dependence on length and topology Rae M. Robertson, Stephan Laib,

Douglas E. Smith 10:12AM 08: Mobility of DNA on supported lipid bilayers Chakradhar Padala, Richard Cole, Sanat Kumar, Ravi Kane 10:24AM 09: Electrophoresis of DNA on a disordered two-dimensional substrate Cynthia J. Olson Reichhardt, Charles

Reichhardt 10:36AM 10: Kinetic Modeling of Designed Signaling DNA Aptamers Issei Nakamura, Razvan Nutiu, Jasmine Yu, Yingfu Li,

An-Chang Shi 10:48AM 11: AFM Imaging of Counterion-Induced Phase Transition of Biological Polyelectrolyte Network on a Photopolymer

Containing Azo-Dye Taiji Ikawa, Osamu Watanabe, Youli Li, Cyrus Safinya

Session Z4: Biopolymers DPOLY DBP

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