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Fri Chair: Rangaranabujab Kannan ROOM - 308 11:15AM 01: Bonds that strengthen under force Viola Vogel 11:51AM 02: Looking for steps of individual enzymes moving along DNA Thomas Perkins 12:27PM 03: Thermodynamics and Structure of Polymerizing Actin Sandra Greer 1:03PM 04: Synthetic and Biopolymer Gels - Similarities and Difference. Ferenc Horkay 1:39PM 05: Cellular Force, and Geometry Sensing (Over Time) Can Detect Matrix Rigidity: Local Modules Produce Global

Signals Michael Sheetz

Session Z7: Synchrony and Complexity in Brain Activity and Function DBP Fri Chair: Michael Zochowski & Eshel Ben-Jacob ROOM - 307 11:15AM 01: Analysis of Direct Recordings from the Surface of the Human Brain Vernon L Towle 11:51AM 02: Astrocytes, Synapses and Brain Function: A Computational Approach Suhita Nadkarni 12:27PM 003: Neuronal Spatiotemporal Pattern Discrimination: The Dynamical Evolution of Seizures Steven Schiff 1:03PM 04: Measuring complexity and synchronization phenomena in the human epileptic brain Klaus Lehnertz 1:39PM 05: Detection of phase and lag synchrony as an adaptive measure of asymmetric neuronal interactions Michael


Session Z26: Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging Techniques DBP Fri Chair: Paul Gueye ROOM - 323 11:15AM 01: Monte Carlo study of interseed attenuation and tissue composition effect for clinical cases of prostate

permanent implants. Jean-Francois Carrier, Luc Beaulieu 11:27AM 02: Effects Of The Inhomogeneity of Brachytherapy Sources In Cancer Treatments Nnenna Onumah 11:39AM 03: Absolute Dose Distribution Measurements Of Beta Sources Using A Scintillating Fiber Based Detector

Lawrence Tynes 11:51AM 04: An Active Mammosite For Breast Brachytherapy Thomas Cudjoe 12:03PM 05: Calibration Of An Active Mammosite Using A Low Activity Sr-90 Radioactive Source Jacquelyn Winston 12:15PM 06: Modelization For Electromagnetic Electron Scattering at Low Energies for Radiotherapy applications. Vahagn

Nazaryan, Paul Gueye 12:27PM 07: Fully Complex Magnetoencephalography Jonathan Simon, Yadong Wang 12:39PM 08: Multi-Active Catheters For Real Time Dose Distribution Measurements In Prostate Brachytherapy Treatments

Carlos Velasco 12:51PM 09: Speckle Patterns in Coherence Domain Biomedical Imaging Ping Yu 1:03PM 10: Clinical implementation of proton Monte Carlo dose calculation. Harald Paganetti, Hongyu Jiang, Shashidhar

Kollipara, Hanne Kooy 1:15PM 11: A Universal Scaling of Proton Energy Deposition in Biological Materials Dan Fry, Wilfred Sewchand, John

O'Connell 1:27PM 12: Feasibility Study Of Kaon Therapy Solomon Sahle 1:39PM 13: Low Energy Experimental Elastic Cross Sections for Medical Physics Application Michael Epps 1:51PM 14: Wavelet assessment of cerebrospinal compensatory reserve and cerebrovascular pressure reactivity M. Latka,

M. Turalska, W. Kolodziej, D. Latka, B. West 2:03PM 15: Convolution Product And Lyapunov Stability In Medical Imaging Leslie Upton

Session Z28: Methods of Statistical Physics, Population Dynamics and Epidemiology DBP GSNP Fri Chair: Vadim Smelyanskiy ROOM - 325 11:15AM 01: Mathematical Modeling of the Dynamics of Salmonella Cerro Infection in a US Dairy Herd Prem Chapagain, Jo

Ann Van Kessel, Jeffrey Karns, David Wolfgang, Ynte Schukken, Yrjo Grohn 11:27AM 02: Desynchronization and spatial effects in multistrain diseases Leah Shaw, Lora Billings, Ira Schwartz 11:39AM 03: Improved Epidemic Path Predictability in Complex Networks Markus Loecher, Jim Kadtke 11:51AM 04: The scaling laws of human travel - A message from George Dirk Brockmann 12:27PM 05: Prediction and predictability of global epidemics: the role of the airline transportation network Vittoria Colizza,

Alain Barrat, Marc Barthelemy, Alessandro Vespignani 12:39PM 06: Success of mutants in an evolutionary game in finite populations Tibor Antal, Istvan Scheuring 12:51PM 07: Invasion of mutants in an evolutionary process on a graph. Vishal Sood, Tibor Antal 1:03PM 08: Seeing beyond invisible with noise: application to populational biology Dmitry Luchinsky, Vadim Smelyanskiy 1:15PM 09: Eigen model with general fitness functions and degradation rates Chin-Kun Hu, David B. Saakian 1:27PM 10: Combining a total cell population growth and cell population dynamics in the presence of anti-cancer agents

Mitra Shojania Feizabadi 1:39PM 11: Epidemic models on dynamic contact networks Claire Christensen, Reka Albert, Brian Grenfell

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